19 April 2008

Foodies : 16 Great Groups to Share Your Passions

If I didn't know better, you landed here through some search engine, or a link on some blog network. You look around my blog, and see the bits and pieces that I bring to the foodie table. Everything but the nice linen table cloth - this isn't that kind of blog, honestly - maybe the site description threw you for a loop...or maybe it was the analytical Wallstreet Journal Fog Index readability score (I KNOW - it baffles me too)...I digress.

Hopefully when you view my blog and it's labels and the contents held within you will see the person behind this blog - and find a deeply passionate person, who thinks about culinary constantly, who notices the baker references in that Shins' song, or cringes at the "so - called" baker in Stranger Than Fiction - - the one who licks the batter off her hands and wrist - in FRONT of her customers! (( now Come ON!)) but secretly is flattered that being a baker has hit mainstream (ala 16 Blocks - yes I mean MOS DEF).

So as I have come into my pastry life - I had a real tumultuous start, not while at school. But just dealing with some hardships that I never disclosed to classmates. And having to buck up and get through the day, slowly - I just retreated inward. It made taking care of baking classwork all the harder to manage - and I am surprised I walked out of there with as high of grades I did, struggling through things outside of school. So if I seemed a little distant and difficult to read - I apologize. Don't worry about me though --- The smells of the kitchen and bakery made everything that much sweeter.

shaping danish - Pinwheels

So as of late I have had a deep nagging within me to seek out fellow foodies, and the like-minded souls that I can relate to, and it was on this journey that I came across some great sites. Sites that were full of compassionate foodies willing to share themselves and their cooking melanges.

So I would like to share them with you and hope that your experience is just as positive.

Foodie Groups to Join

Some of these links will go to my profile on the groups. There will be a join link on the right hand side.
  1. Foodbuzz. It is a site to rate / review restruants, to aggregate and post your food related posts, to befriend other foodies. Anyone can join .If you click on the link you will be taken to my profile. Say hi, or friend me :)
  2. I am a foodbuzz featured publisher - if you have a food blog and would be interested in joining the FoodBuzz Publisher Network, please contact me. It is by invite only, but I can send out invitations :)
  3. The Chocolate Life If you are a serious chocophile, you will enjoy this site. Lots of great chocolate info. Members have contributed lots of great historical photos of chocolate factories, and post their factory tours and cocoa adventures. Lot's of member interaction and forum action. Promote your chocolate related content and photos.
  4. Chilefire Member This group is for all of you hotheads a.k.a pepperheads. Started by the Chilefire.com blog author (who is a great guy BTW). It is a fun group with lot's of fun foodies to interact with. Not solely dedicated to Hot stuff, there are different groups to join within the main site. So foodies of any status are welcome. You can also promote your foodie blog content here. And photos
  5. Chef Network A great group to join for those of you yearning to find out about becoming a chef, or for Chefs or foodies. Promote your foodie self.
  6. YUMMYtales More foodie goodness!
  7. 浏览我在 wearefoodaholics 上的页面 This foodie site is in Chinese - We Are Foodaholics says it all doesn't it.
  8. For Food Service professionals, who are interested in networking with other companies and viewing discussions on various business themed data, as well as posting your recipes etc. then join : View my page on Foodserviceclub
  9. View my page on FoodTube.net Foodtube.net is a very active foodie community! It's like Utube, but solely themed with food and cooking. Also there are frequent contests and challenges. Great members too!
  10. Visit The Ghetto Gourmet O.k this site is dedicated to"wandering kitchens" who set up venues all across the US to celebrate art and great food. There are the cast and crew and the froopies (i.e groupies) .You can find groups within this group for your specific area.
  11. View my page on Flavorshare This group is another foodie video site - the tag line is : "channel your inner cooking show host". Promote your food blog posts, videos and photographs.
  12. Dancing Spoon Connect to foodies just like you: people who are passionate about the culinary world. Start a discussion, post a blog, meet other foodies!
foodie Blogrolls
  1. now-were-cookin-blogroll Very nice people and the blogroll is jsut gaining momentum.
  2. Click to Join the Foodie Blogroll Leftover Queen created this blogroll. The list is so large that they started a website / directory dedicated to the blogroll. Great blogs listed!
  3. **Join Make it from scratch Make it from scratch is not solely devoted to foodies - but if you make things from scratch - crafts / food / etc - you can join, which means foodies are in! I like to shake it up a bit anyway - great way to gain new readers :)



10:55 AM, April 22, 2008 Reply  

Thanks for including Make it From Scratch!

8:41 PM, April 22, 2008 Reply  

I just realized that bloggers really have to get around to be popular!

I'm glad you're in the Great Cooks Community. Your recipes are delicious and your photography is sharp. And you are just
straight up cool!

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