26 February 2006

Photography : On the rails along the Columbia

I took this on the way home, traveling I-84. We pulled over and I got out with no fleece to take as many shots as I could in 2 minutes...brrr. It was very cold and the wind was a frigid guest.

on the rails along the columbia, originally uploaded by Amber *.
I am back home. I have some better shots in my photo stream of this sunset. I took some from my car window --- had I charged my camera battery I might have gotten more. Oh well.

I haven't a culinary gem to pull out of my chef hat at this moment --- but more will follow I promise.

I did the math recently as I looked at my feedburner stats since April 2004 --- I have over 130 readers by rss aggregation! Plus like 15 by email.

Wow! Thanks for reading! I wasn't trying to create a pretentious food blog, nor was I claiming to be some culinary wizard. I wanted to write my thoughts and I admit I haven't been the most regular poster. Balancing your life when your a blogger and single is one thing --- but when you have a family to take care of with a young child and are going to school full time it is a lot harder to be consistent when blogging...atleast for me.

It has been a struggle, as I have suffered a writing ship wreck --- I am surely caught in The doldrums:
Early sailors named this belt of calm the doldrums because of the low spirits they found themselves in after days of no wind. To find oneself becalmed in this region in a hot and muggy climate could mean death in the era when wind was the only motive force.
Writer's block. No creative thoughts, like a blank stare into a calm sea. Frustrating, as there is no change ...Just a sour awareness you are not creating anything new.



10:30 PM, February 27, 2006 Reply  

writer's block...me too... until i try to sleep, when i start generating ideas... what's up with that?

gorgeous photo... *waves from other side of river*

10:30 PM, February 28, 2006 Reply  

Hi! I am happy to have your comments again...you are quite the busy gal too, huh!

You should have seen the sunset in person...absolutely GORGEOUS!

As for writer's block I think mabye once spring begins here I won't feel so jaded. All this rain is kind of depressing.

7:34 AM, November 24, 2009 Reply  

without a doubt a beautiful picture, I would love to enjoy a sunset like this

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