14 February 2011

Family Stroll and Tow: When Eating Out Requires Tools

Imagine yourself on a crisp winter day - the sun streams through the half sleeping trees bathing everything above earth in a golden, unearthly webbing of light. The air is alive with a slight chill, but the sun warms where it's beams have haphazardly landed.

Photo ©2011. Renaissance Culinaire. All Rights Res.
The first bulbs have bravely climbed out of their loamy tombs, careening their paper white heads toward the sky.

You are on your way to a local eatery, with your family. You are enjoying the sun, having spent many days enduring the gray, often times rainy blah weather that comes with winter. You want to eat food which doesn't require sullying your kitchen and a load of dishes. You are aching for an evening outside of the house - you and the family have cabin fever.

This friends is not a fairy tale - this was my sentiment, this was my afternoon.

I got the extreme honor to review a Inglesina 'Avio' stroller. And this transport was perfect for having my 3yr old boy in tow, especially when taking him to a local eatery. For any parent who has ever ventured with children out into the public, there is a allot of preparation. More so when you are on foot, and parenting a 3yr old child.

What's In the Box:

When I received the Inglesina Avio Stroller in the color black, it arrived  in several parts - the seating area, harness, stroller hood and storage basket all had to be attached to the main base/ frame of the stroller. The product Manual included comes in every language imaginable. There is a rain shield included. There is also an included adapter, for those of you that have babies and want to use the Inglesina Avio Bassinet (a.k.a "Carrycot"), which is sold separately, or clip on infant car seats (brands that work: Graco, Peg Perego and Britax) .

I was very impressed with the quality of the materials used to make this stroller. Everything is solid and durable.


The Inglesina Avio Stroller is touted as 'the perfect stroller for on the go urbanites'. Translation - this stroller is best for strolling on sidewalks and smooth developed indoor or paved outdoor surfaces.

What I have discovered is that the Inglesina Avio stroller is different than allot of less-expensive non-jogging strollers in that it's wheels actually have ball bearings. This gives the stroller the ability to roll very smoothly with hardly any vibration within the stroller seat, with minimal pushing. The wheels are fixed in position, so the turn radius is not that sharp - it will make a smooth turn however, within a 5 foot radius.

Standing at 5'5", I am very conscience of handle placement. The Avio stroller's handle is in a position comfortable enough to hold, but I really wished the handle had an adjustment option.

My husband however is nearly 6 foot tall and said "This stroller is perfect for dads who are 5'11" - 6'2", very smooth ride and will put the toddler to sleep on a rough night within 10 minutes". He experimented with the Avio while taking the evening walk when our son was over-tired and fighting sleep.


Let me say that I have owned at-least 5 strollers between the years 2003-2011, starting with my first child. 4 out of 5 had the capability to be folded for stowing. The latest being a Jeep Overland Limited 'Music on the Move' Jogging Stroller.

Of all the strollers I have owned, though, the Inglesina Avio Stroller is able to fold into the most space saving compact shape of all (I am not including those cheap umbrella strollers, that are a dime-a-dozen, in this category.).
The mechanism to fold this stroller is great (see photo at left, demonstrated by my husband) - It is reminiscent of a crossbow, when pulled back it creates tension and gathers enough backward force so you can lock it into place.

Think of it like the pulling motion when starting a lawn mower, instead of a "pull cord", you are pulling a designated handle located on the back of the stroller.

If you press down sternly on the middle of the main handle (the one you use to push the stroller) with one hand, and press the red button (to unlock) on the handle base, gently, yet firmly pull at an outward-upward motion - making sure that the harness or other parts of the stroller do not become entangled into the folding parts, it will fold very compactly.

Key Points of Inglesina Avio when folded:

Cool Features:

The Inglesina Avio stroller has some very nice options.

  • Seating: The stroller seat  is washable. And very adjustable, with the harness straps position, and can recline to several lower positions, so that your child is comfortable - my son loved being able to lay down in the lowest position when he was tired.  
  • Storage: The included fabric under-stroller basket is very accommodating. I was able to fit 2 full fabric grocery bags in there, with no further adjustments. There is also a expandable drink holder located on the lower left back of the stroller frame - I really appreciate this placement. ( Most strollers with a drink holder place them above the child's seat area, which is totally illogical - what if there was a spill?).
  • For Weather: The Avio hood is constructed to be very durable, I liked the surface area it covers, the bill (like on a baseball cap) is a great feature which is nice for keeping sun out of sensitive eyes.  The included 'L'Inglesina Baby S.p.a' rain cover clips to the hood and bottom foot pad. 
  • Optional Accessories: There are a host of  accessories to buy for the Inglesina Avio Stroller. Including a mesh 'summer cover' to keep the bugs at bay; 'Winter Muff' for bundling up your lil ones; Carrying case for the stroller; 'Carry Cot Bassinet'; 'Full Rain Cover', etc.
Closing Thoughts:

My 3yr old boy is right at the cusp of saying goodbye to motherly pushes via the stroller, all together. So this year and the arrival of the Avio marks the 'coup de grâce' of strollerdom , so to speak.

My families experience with the Inglesina Avio Stroller has been pleasant, which makes the parting with strollers, all together that much more bittersweet.

The Inglesina Avio Stroller is a good fit for parents in search of a higher-end, stylish, non-jogging stroller, for either infant or toddler, with a host of options and great compact-ability, that can be used for around-the-town jaunts.

For more product info you can download the Inglesina Avio Product & Accessories Spec Sheet below in pdf format.

| Inglesina Avio Product & Accessories Spec Sheet

The view expressed here are mine & mone alone. I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Inglesina USA. I received an Inglesina Avio Stroller in exchange for my honest feedback.Please read more about Renaissance Culinaire's Disclosure Policy.



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