27 March 2008

Trace Produce : Come and Meet Your Farmer

This is the farmer, that worked the land in Oregon, that planted the seed onions, that sprouted the fully grown onions, that I bought at my local grocer, that I fixed in my dinner, and fed to my family.

Grower: Frahm Fresh Produce

Frahm Farms is located in Eastern Oregon, 8 miles Sth West of Parma, Idaho along the Fertile Snake River Valley. It is owned and operated by Treveor and Rod Frahm. Rod is a second generation farmer, and his son Trevor is a third generation farmer. Frahm Farms grows Yellow, Red, and White onions, along with many other crops.

Field: FRYLHME GPS: N 43 56.38 W 116 59.58 Planted: 3/10/2007 to 4/15/2007 Harvested: 8/25/2007 to 8/25/2007

These onions are a Spanish Sweet Yellow Onion. They are a good all purpose onion, great for cooking or eating fresh. After harvest, these onions are kept in air storage facilities, which keep them at a constant cool temperature until packing.

As environmental challenges threaten our daily lives - talk about living sustainably,
and devouring foods that come from our backyards becomes an ever important topic. That means less fuel consumption, less packaging made from oil based chemicals, less waste.

One of the biggest advantages of buying organic is no pesticide residue in or on your veg's and fruit. Onions are one of the items listed on the "lowest amount of pesticide residue" list. You can find out more about which standard grocery bought fruits and vegetables rate highest or lowest by going to the Food News website and clicking on http://www.foodnews.org/walletguide.php

Have you ever wanted to know where your ingredients come from? Apart from those times when you can go to an organic farm/co-op in your community , or choose from your own garden.

As our food costs continue to increase, sometimes the price of organic goods surpass some budgets and could be considered a luxury. So what happens when you are just shopping at the standard grocer?

If you look at some tags on your produce, you might notice a tag with bold green text that reads "Trace Produce.com" . On the under side of this tag is a url and a USDA Id number.

Go to the website and enter your ID# , you will magically be whisked off to a page full of info, and YouTube videos of : Your farmer / field produce was grown / packing info. There is even a geo navigational map , via Google Maps, showing you directly where the farm is positioned.

You'll find my onions' info here.

And there are also recipe links corresponding to your type of produce. In this case it's ONIONS.



11:26 AM, March 11, 2010 Reply  

In this modern age, with our lives going at a faster rate we don't care about what's going inside our body and all we want is a food which we can get easily. Organic foods certainly have got more advantages and they've got less chemicals in it which means our body gets cleaner fuel to run, rather than so much dangerous chemical going inside our body.

1:33 AM, September 01, 2010 Reply  

Who wouldn't like to have organic food but here are a couple of glitches:
1. Is it really organic: many claim that they produce organic food and also claim to be right as definition of organic food produce varies a lot. Some say that our food is without any pesticides, some say that their food is without any urea. In India, farmers also use cow-dung and claim to produce organic food and more importantly, getting an Organic food producer certificate is also very easy (without even knowing what exactly organic food is). So one has to make sure if the food is really organic because the second point is about price.

2. Price factor: As mentioned above, farmers claim to produce organic food and they start charing higher (way higher). What should be the real price difference in organic v/s non-organic food and who decides that?

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