11 December 2004

collectives, medical hell and the pursuit of happiness!

Double Happiness
Image credit dennis.tang
囍 is composed of 2 characters of 喜 (xi), which translates to happiness or joy, therefore, 囍 (shuangxi) literally means double happiness.

I think about all the times in my past that were happy, and it is all related to the people I met along the way, who were creatively inclined. Jam sessions and pen & ink fights these were good times. I used to be so passionate about my writing and culinary arts. That all fell through when I got involved in the medical field. There is no room for creativity. Precision, Protocol, regulatory practices. My creativity had been condensed into obligatory matter.

Until now! I will untangled my creativity from the suffocating tentacles of conventional medicine practices -- and emerge a free spirit!


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