16 December 2004

Umpa Lumpa - Google that shit!!

So after my little post about feeling "umpa lumpa-ish", I decided to Google the shit. Here are a few links that came up. I picked them to show the array of people using "Umpa Lumpa-isms" or related subject matter.

Willy Wonka - Great Movie

This link contains Adult themed Language:

One man's opinion Hilarious stuff! Delve into the unknown but heavily joked about.

You can see the new "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" trailer here, and read some interesting thoughts on the new flick.
They have an awesome flash animation of an Umpa Lumpa in a MIG flight getup! Just to see the animation is worth clicking on the link...;)

You've reached the home web site for Wonka's Umpa Lumpas Mechwarrior 4 Clan. Anyone interested in joining our clan please send and e-mail to =UMPA= Warrior .
We will be happy to meet with you in a game a see how well you play.

: Why be an =UMPA=? :
There is a big difference between our clan and many of the others you may have seen, or even been part of - we only want to have fun! No strict practice regiment, no bumping out clan members because someone 'better' arrived, and no hard feelings! The main reason to be part of a clan is to get together whenever possible and play the game we all enjoy with people that we know. Communication is the key. Every player is better when they know what there teammates are doing and where they are going. Many of us have been in other clans that were obsessed with ranks and scheduled practices - enough is enough - we do have lives. We play to have fun, and having regular teammates means we play and WIN. Think about what you really want out of the clan: Rules, Schedules, Ranks, Work? Not us, we want to relax and enjoy the game and most of all HAVE FUN.

Here is another blog, read the comments made about the new film.
A Weblog I really liked perusing, pictures and all kinds of stuff - plus an entry about snowboarding.Here is the home page: Brainside out|a website by Dane Petersen©.Photo Dane's take on "Wonkism".

Well I am not going any further...You will just have to Google the shit!


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