10 March 2005

Skimming off the film - bakery deep cleaning

My god. The quarter is over. The smell of doughs - bleached & scrubbed clean, gone from the bakery.

Today was "Deep Cleaning" - Imagine 80 culinary students - no white uniforms or chef hats, dressed down in p.j's and old clothes/tennis shoes. It was an eerie thing. We are so used to seeing each other in chef garb, there were many double takes. I being the stylish backpacking girl I am (insert sarcasm here), wore khaki carpenter skate capris, a Seagram "7" black t-shirt & my favorite hoody with all the acrylic paint up & down the sleeves. Oh I had in pig tails.

I started the day off pulling racks, & anything else on wheels out to the dock to be steam cleaned & washed. My "chore" was to climb onto a ladder , disassemble the fryer/gas range hood, clean all the intake panels, scrub the whole inside of the hood [it's about 5 Ft wide , 15ft long] & clean the outside. Well the range was in the way, also the open kettle fryer. SO I ended up balancing one foot on the range (which had been disassembled too for cleaning) & stretching as far as I could to get the spots that I could reach. Then my bucket crashed to the floor -- water splashed everywhere, I spent half an hour chasing down a mop & bucket. Once that was wiped down & the hood reassembled - I started doing other stuff. We all pretty much kicked ass , cleaning everything - all the products in both walk-ins, the rack oven, the triple stack, the benches, freezers, scales.

We were all itching for the great weather & the 2 week break.


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