18 December 2009

Harvesting, Foraging and Mushrooms - Oh My! Part 3 - Foraging Edible Plants

This post references cookbooks,  publications, lectures and industry focused literature - on foraging Edible Plants. I was re-reading a previous post Harvesting, Foraging and Mushrooms - Oh My!, and thought I should split up the Foraging , Truffles & Mushroom Hunting Publication list into 3 posts (Truffles, Mushrooms and Foraging Edible Plants, so that it would be more user friendly. Enjoy!   

Sweet Potato Plant, a Tropical Vine with an Edible Tuberous Root Art Giclee Poster Print, 24x32

Wild Edible Plants Harvest & Identification
Wild Edibles Industry Focused:

Pacific Northwest / West Coast  / North Central  Edible Plants

Mid West - Edible Plants

North East / South East / East Coast - Edible Plants

South West / South - Edible Plants

North America / Canada - Edible Plants

South America


Edible Pants

ASIA / South Pacific / Asia-Pacific

Pacific Islands - Edible Plants

Africa / Middle East - Edible Plants



3:28 AM, January 03, 2010 Reply  

I just wanted to congratulate you for such a great and complete work regarding Harvesting, Foraging and Mushrooms. This is reaaly a complete work, done with dedicationa and well explain. Best Marc

5:36 PM, January 17, 2010 Reply  

Very nice collection of how to collect, identify and cook with mushrooms with out killing yourself ;)

1:10 AM, January 20, 2010 Reply  

Wheew! what a list-so complete you can't ask for more. This is very useful especially to food lovers with specialty in veggies, mushrooms and the like.

12:58 PM, February 10, 2010 Reply  

I just wanted to congratulate you for such a great and complete work regarding Harvesting, Foraging and Mushrooms.

This is a very significant resource if you're into foraging for and cooking with wild edible plants. The tastes that lurk outside there are many and varied, and while it may be a touch exotic for some, there is huge merit in getting acquainted with more natural and varied food sources, as opposed to the staples that the farming conglomerates force feed us. Variety is the spice of life, as well as the over wellbeing of the organism. The more varied the diet, the wider the spectrum of plant derived minerals and vitamins ingested, to the benefit of the overall wellbeing of the organism, not to mention great taste!

2:14 AM, May 15, 2010 Reply  

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7:59 PM, June 09, 2010 Reply  

Mushrooms including cooking ingredients that I like. Mushrooms can be processed into various types of cuisine and certainly not a lot of cholesterol.

4:02 AM, December 06, 2010 Reply  

Great post with lots of really good information!

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12:24 PM, August 31, 2011 Reply  

Do you have a site with good mushroom recipes?



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