13 August 2006

Poetry of Baking 1


At night, I wake up sweating
And feel poems baking in my heart
Like my grandmother's biscuits.
As I toss and turn, they brown and rise.
I test each one and add a pat of butter here,
Some honey there, a bit of jam.
I will savor them with my morning coffee.

-- Published in Writer's Journal 2004 . Raynette Eitel

07 August 2006

Vintage Photog : Baker and Staff 4

I found this while browsing flickr. I love this photograph, and I intend on asking john if he would have it copied for me, I would pay him of course, and then have the picture sent to me.

Baker and Staff, originally uploaded by mrwaterslide.
This is what he had put under the photo :
One day at the hotel I had all my work finished and I asked the chef if I could
leave early. It must have been about three o'clock. I got in my car and drove
madly down the interstate, and then turned off on a state road, heading towards
Lake of the Ozarks. Every time I came to an antique store or flea market I
pulled over, ran inside, and scanned the stock hurriedly. I found this photo at
my last stop of the day (it was almost five o'clock, when most everything
closes). It's marked $4.00 on the back, so I suppose that's what I paid for it
I would say that is a pretty cool find.

05 August 2006

Photography : stage of the knot rolls' makeup 2

stage of the knot rolls makeup, originally uploaded by Amber *.

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