30 June 2015

Culinary Ninja Skills: Create Your Contingency Plan 4

Are you a floater? By that I mean do you go through the motions, succumb to the monotony of life, not really worrying about the future - just the things that cause irritation on a daily basis ? If you answered yes  to this question - you just might be a floater.  Are you alone? No, there are millions, maybe billions of floaters out there living, working and surviving.  

Unfortunately, in your little bubble, floater - padded with extra goodness no doubt, there is a small margin for error.  Maybe you love your job, and have been there for 3 years. Maybe you have moved up the chain of command for a higher upper echelon title. When disaster strikes, it rarely differentiates between job status, age or saving-up-for-that-really-cool-phone.  Life milestones are somewhat plan-able,  but natural disasters, sudden health crisis and plummeting stock prices are not.

Now some of you are probably thinking - Hey, author, wait a minute - you can prepare for and sometimes help curb the effects of those unexpected things. Yes, I agree, you can have a disaster checklist, a cache of emergency supplies or take a CPR / First Aide class. And for those really bad events, you can  draft up a contingency plan.  

 But honestly - have you thought about the on-the-job "what if" scenario? Do you know what to do when the unwarranted situation strikes your employer? Corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, or hell, being caught on the job, with your unwashed hands , in the food, shoveling edibles into your mouth (cringe!).

Caught white-handed by Johan Rd
If you admit to being a doer of that last offense, well you have bigger problems, and probably shouldn't be working in the food industry. Please see Safe Food Handling: Food Preparation. You are not a floater, you are a walking Food Born Pathogenic Time Bomb!

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.” ― Louis Nizer

19 June 2015

My $703.00 deli sandwich! #operatorerror #alwayscheckyourpurchases #safeway 1

My $703.00 deli sandwich! #operatorerror #alwayscheckyourpurchases #food #safeway

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