26 September 2005

The Flickr Katrina Auction ---Own one of my prints! 0

Due to the tragedy that has hit the gulf/Southern states, the members of flickr.com felt compelled to do something. We banded together and members from all over the world donated prints to be put up for auction, all proceeds went and are still going to charities which are accepting donations for Hurricane victims.

The first round was very successful --- we raised $11,831.00 All going to American Red Cross or other charities. You can view the final bid amounts & winners for the first round here.

In the spirit of things, and due to the immensity of damages we have hosted another auction which will end Sept. 30th 2005. I have a print up for auction (current bid is $25), Click here for bidding instructions , all prints can be bid on by outside bidders through email :

My thoughts & prayers are with those, victims of this catastrophe.


Professionally printed on archival paper with archival pigment based inks.

Will ship an unframed, signed 8 X 10 matte print to the highest bidder.

Will ship flat in postal envelope.

Bidding closes at 8:00PM EST on Sept 30th 2005

NOT A FLICKR MEMBER? Email your bid! Be sure to include your name and bid amount in the body of the letter.
Please click on the banners above to see what other fine photography there is to offer. There is some nudity--- so be careful if surfing from work. All profits will go to charity!

If you have thought about donating , but haven't yet --- why not take home a print to hang on your wall in the process??

24 September 2005

New Quarter - New Instructor 0


I like this photograph, it is of my former instructor, a rare moment when all bakery happenings seemed to be halted. He was computing our inventory --- inventory for the Danish station, figuring out what we must make the next day, what we must bake off.

My first week of the Fall term has ended. The nervous flutters in my stomach, the tense pressure to make a good impression...Has dwindled a little. I am managing the French pâtisserie /cake station for the next month.

I am a management student officially, a second year student. I was quite intimidated at first...I had mixed feelings about my capabilities to communicate effectively. But I quite thinking about it, and natural instincts and confidence settled in to replace the anxiety.

I also chose to manage the new Head Instructors' station. Where else could I feel things out better? I think that is where most of the nervousness stemmed from...I heard these great things about him like that he was an a world traveled pastry chef , not just a PC but had been Executive Pastry Chef, a chocolatier. He had taught at a well known culinary institute. I was quite humbled.

It turns out he had made Executive Chef in as little as one year after being hired on--- that is how good he is. But he is also very down to earth --- a great guy, a brit. The first day he sat down with us at lunch in the cafeteria. So the pretentiousness I thought might be a factor is not.

It is great to have new ideas and techniques. He is teaching us so much, and it it refreshing. He plans to upgrade our curriculum.

I am excited to see what changes will ensue.

16 September 2005

Making of a Wedding Cake 0

Here me and class members are working on the tiers for a wedding cake.

Making of a Wedding Cake, originally uploaded by Amber *.
The filled one is the middle tier of a 10 inch size. White semi chiffon with lemon curd/ buttercream.

The cake on the left is the top layer of 7 inches, a black magic cake w/ mocha buttercream.

The cake being filled in the foreground is also a black magic cake with vanilla buttercream. This is a 15 inch layer.

These pictures were taken in the spring.


Congratulate me! I was one of only 78 students , out of over 5,000 who attend my college to receive a place on the VPs list. I got straight A's!

So I am very proud of myself. Even with everything going on outside of school I was able to get nice grades!

13 September 2005

shaping danish - Pinwheels 1

shaping danish - Pinwheels, originally uploaded by Amber*.

These are filled with Almond paste. Once proofed, they are egg washed, then the center is pushed down & fill with cherry filling.

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