22 July 2006

Foodie links/photog : Red Currant Mini Cakes 2

Wow. What a beautiful picture, I found this while browsing the flickr group I manage : Artisan Artistry , a group for photographs that feature handmade breads/confections/desserts. SO far there are 122 members.

Red Currant Mini Cakes, originally uploaded by La tartine gourmande. 
Here are the most recent group stats:

 Baking  Artisan Artistry. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

La Tartine Gourmande  has a tantalizing photo stream.
Visit the food blog for luscious Recipes ---
Red Currant Mini Cakes can be found here .
Flickr has over 4,500 groups which are food related. Yikes...foodie heaven or hell ? You be the judge...

19 July 2006

Photog : of a dried berry | Reverse Macro How To 4

By adding a traditional 35mm film lens in reverse, in front of my digital lens, I was able to capture the details of this dried berry. This was the natural coloring. I thought it was quite beautiful.

Reverse Macro of a dried berry, originally uploaded by Amber *.
To Create your own reverse macro:
  1. Select a digital camera with at least 4mps. One with a larger lens opening than a standard "point & shoot" camera - when I mention point & shoot I am talking about the cameras with very small (dime - nickel sized) lens holes. I didn't have an DSLR with standard 35mm equivalent to use (my camera has a 28mm equivalent which worked great). The bigger lens hole will enable you to capture the light given off from the 35mm lens. To make this kind of shot, a built in flash is worthless, because the added length of both lenses creates a tunneling effect. It also helps to have a zoom power greater than 3, my camera has 10 optical zoom and 8 digital.
  2. Find a telephoto 35mm lens (you can experiment with different sizes and ranges), I used a [55mm - 117mm ] Pentax telephoto. It should have a lens lip or hood of at least 1/4 inch (this is found at the protruding end) or wider. This lip will allow you to hold the two lenses comfortably in one hand, but also position your lens close to the 35mm lens, and at the same time create a light barrier. A smoother, slide roll type barrel extender works better here too -- as this enables you to use light touches to adjust the magnification (i.e zoom) of the 35mm lens.
  3. Find a place to photograph your macro. It should be flooded with natural light (fluorescent lights or ambient light will not produce good results) a good time of day is in the early morning, or around 4 p.m, on a bright day. There should not be any object to create and caste shadows.
  4. Find your subject. This technique allows you to magnify the finest details --- like dust particles or tiny ridges, so find something that isn't necessarily interesting on it's own --- but would be neat in magnification.
  5. Position your subject. A box below your subject will prop it up so you aren't lurching over your subject. Try to position it in full light.
  6. Getting Ready For the Shot. Get situated in a comfortable stance, as this will take several shots and lots of adjusting to get it right. Position your hand around the bottom of your digital camera lens so that it is cradled in your hand. Make sure only half of your hand (i.e pinky and ring fingers) is touching that lens, as the rest of your hand (i.e middle, pointer and thumb) will be holding the 35mm telephoto lens steady in front of your digital lens. A safe spacing between the two is 1/4 "- 1/2 inch. DO NOT let your lenses touch each other --- as this will lead to scratching!! Position the lenses and then position the camera and lenses in front of your subject.
  7. Focus, focus , focus. The trick is to learn to focus your digital to pick up on the finer adjustments of the 35mm telephoto lens. I zoomed in with my digital half way, then I would move the telephoto to magnify more and more, all the while gently focusing with the telephoto. You will need to shift around your subject to create better shots. Try different distances and zoom.
  8. Practice, practice, practice. Get a feel for your camera and the two lenses working in sync. Try a variety of subjects and light strengths --- this will take a lot of shots and trial and error, so have your memory card handy.

14 July 2006

Photography : black eyed & water logged 0

I captured this on the way home from class. It was wet and raining. The light was perfect and I was able to capture the refection of the sky's blue grey color, off of the water collected on the center of this black eyed susan.

black eyed & water logged, originally uploaded by Amber *. 

11 July 2006

Photog : Windows -The soul of Dough 0

There is no gluten structure in this dough --- lots of holes and the dough breaks away when pulled because it needs further mixing to develop the gluten.

The Window: A meshing of gluten strands!
Tight like a drum --- the gluten strands have become meshed and the dough is done mixing. If you tap this "window" --- it will hold up and bounce back without tearing.

A Window - meshing of gluten strands!

07 July 2006

Glimpses 0

Here is a collage of pictures over the recent year, I took. If you click it and are a flickr member, you can follow the notes made on the collage and be taken to each individual picture page.

Glimpses, originally uploaded by Amber *.
I am sorry that I have been away from the blogosphere since spring...I have lot's of things happening right now. I moved away from the Portland area and that has taken up a lot of my time, with the packing and everything. But it was quite liberating too --- as I was able to sort through things I had packed away which I had been hanging onto, sentimentally since I was 17 years old...Needless to say if you browse a goodwill in Portland you may purchase one of mine or my families' former possessions. It is amazing what one can accumulate over 10 years, whether it be paperwork or just odds and ends. I also was able to locate my old letters written by old friends that I miss...Hopefully our paths will cross again someday soon.
I promise I will be keeping up with my food blog once I settle in --- Until then, fare thee well!

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