06 August 2005

Cook Book Meme - Long over due! 0

I have been devoting my time to school and other things, like Blogs That Flickr ,
sad to say even my photoblog has gotten more attention than RC. I'd like to say thanks for those that have added me to their links, and even deb has featured me as "site of the week" (*blushes*).

Thanks for the comments on my photography. My camera has broken recently, so it may be a while before I can collect funds to repair or buy another camera to take new pictures. If you wish to help out , visit my photoblog (link above) and click on "about" , there you will find links to donate or purchase pictures.All proceeds go to camera repair.

I was tagged in July with a cook book même by Food Chronicler. This is my first même. Sorry I am so late in delivery.

1. Total number of cookbooks I own: Well not nearly as many as I'd like. Only 30, I have just started collecting them in the last year or so.

2. Last cookbook I bought:

Bugalli on Pasta
Ok ,I am a thrifty person when it comes to everything (I am a poor college student) so I frequent dusty little used book stores searching for deals. I bought this for $10 a couple weeks ago. To quote Jamie Oliver (a.k.a Naked Chef) on his thoughts on pasta, more specifically ravioli :
" They are sexy special little things, they're like little presents..."
I feel Pasta is rustic, simple and palate pleasing. For a pasta artisan to create the perfect zen like experience it must involve care and the right ingredients. I love pasta books.
3. Last food/cook book I read:

Bugalli on Pasta

4. Five (cook) books that mean a lot to me:

Cooking The Indian Way (1967) I found this book for $1 and It was such a find. There are a lot of traditional Indian entrees; desserts and appetizers. Plus it offers translations of Indian cooking terms. I love Indian food! I can envision the people who purchased this book in 1967, into a minimalist pad draped in and overflowing with orange color schemes with brass accents, no funiture just floor pillows and ambiance provided by soft citar music on the record player.

The Cake Bible

The Cake Bible .This book is fabulous and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in cake assembly/design- especially wedding cakes. The author offers really great tips for assembling wedding cakes and trouble shooting; her formulations in this book offer several types of buttercreams and ganache; even poured fondant. It was the book I referred to when doing my first wedding cake.

In The Sweet Kitchen

In The Sweet Kitchen One of the first baking books I have seen that isn't filled with a lot of what I call fluff (author quotes, full page photographs etc). It is filled with formulas that have great ingredients, and a good offering of history and info on the ingredients. When I think of baking for Christmas or other holidays, I search through formulas here first.

Professional Baking

Professional Baking This book is definitely a great one, with plenty of reference material; formulas and techniques. I will never get rid of it. All formulas use bakers percent. I really want the newest edition though --- it's even better!

The Professional Pastry Chef

The Professional Pastry Chef I received the 3rd edition as a graduation present from my uncle. He always supported my baking dreams whole heartedly. This book is indispensable. There are so many formulations and techniques outlined here. This has to be my favorite pastry book. The photographs are superb ---

5. Who would you like to see fill this out in their blogs:

J.T of Pastry Life. He has frequented here since I started this blog. He is always picking up some new culinary book...and now that he has graduated I wonder if this will start a new surge of buying needs ; )

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