04 August 2007

Baking Theory Notes : The Yeaasty Boyz

I liken Yeast to the popular and oh-so-old skool group ,The Beastie Boys. Both groups - whether rockin' the mike or the mixer, if given the best environment, will rock hard...and go on and on and on, improving on flavor. They both are fueled on additives and are a product of alcohol, whether that means straight drunk or chemically.....they get ill.

Beastie Boys by LaMoe79


Purpose: Leavening of doughs
Optimum Temp: (to warm 33-40°F) (♥ prefer. 33-38
°F) as temp. deteriorates over time.

When Yeast is activated: 45

Thermal Death of Yeast: 140

----> Compressed Yeast
  • 73% moisture
  • Needs to be as fresh as possible for use.
  • Refrigerated
  • Has not been processed as much as dry yeast.
  • Fresh yeast is best for products to be frozen
Conversion Rate {If formula calls for Active Dry Yeast, you will need 2½ X [the amount in formula] = amount of compressed yeast needed}
----> Active Dry Yeast
  • Can be stored for 1 month.
  • Has to be reconstituted in 4x it's weight.
  • Not used as frequently in bakeries, as in restaurant kitchens.
Conversion Rate {To substitute Compressed Yeast in a formula : multiply 2½ X [the amount of Active Dry Yeast] = amount of Compressed Yeast needed }

----> Instant Dry Yeast

  • Shelf life of 1 year
Conversion Rate {To substitute Instant Dry Yeast in a formula calling for compressed: multiply 3 X [the amount of Compressed Yeast ] = amount of Instant Dry Yeast needed }

For More Yeast Info: Go here



9:06 PM, August 03, 2008 Reply  

it was a totally informative article.i knew that yeast is necessary for baking.but why it is so important,you just show it to me.thanks for the post.

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