04 February 2005

Baking theory notes : Salt & Yeast


Functions of salt:

- thickener
- Tightens up gluten.

- Retards Yeast
- Balances out/controls fermentation by killing yeast.

- Intensifies Flavor
- Brings out the flavors of other ingredients.


Types of yeast:

Compressed Yeast

- Comes in 1lb. cubes

-73% moisture

- Alive

- Must be stored at 33° F - 45° F

Draw backs:

-- [less effective] Yeast easily becomes active & deteriorates quickly.
-- Average shelf life is 10 days.

[From a cost standpoint this yeast is less effective due to the yeast easily becoming active & then deteriorating. If using in a scratch retail environment you need to have a inventory plan. The most cost effective plan entails purchasing enough Compressed yeast to last 1 week. By ordering weekly you eliminate both unnecessary inventory loss & cost.]

Bulk Yeast

- comes in 10lb bag lined in plastic.

Active Dry Yeast

- cooks mostly use this [not professional bakers as much, we prefer compressed]

-7.5 - 9% moisture content

- Shelf life 1-2 wks

Draw Backs :

--the yeast takes too long to develop
--not cost effective
--bakers are under time constraints.

Granular Yeast

-free flowing

-resists compacting

- reduces proof time.

Instant Dry Yeast

- Shelf life is 1 year

-vacuum packed

- high availability [even in grocery stores]

- first marketed during the 1980's in France

Draw Backs:

- costs more


[If using a formula that calls for Compressed Yeast & you would like to supplement Instant Dry Yeast in it's place, use 1 ⁄ 3 of the amount yeast specified in the formula. ]


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