05 October 2007

Baking Theory Notes: Mixing Geekdom

Popular Dough Styles Methods of mixing dough, in bakery settings. If you analyze your home recipes procedure, you may notice most of your home bread or pastry recipes might mirror:" sponge & dough" or " straight dough" methods.

*Sponge & Dough Method

Very widely made.

--->Basic Formulation / Procedure:
  1. Mix half of the flour, yeast , malt , water @ <72°f> = sponge.
  2. Let it rise 3½ hours --- shake it, if it is done it will drop away from the sides.
  3. Remove sponge from your container, add to mixer with remaining flour, salt etc.
  4. Mix until gluten is developed.
  5. Bake
Advantages of Sponge & Dough method :
  • Better Flavor
  • Flexible --- In sponge stage you can leave sitting on the bench.
  • Better (tighter) crumb
{ This equals to ( 2) mix s and (2 ) fermentations {one in bowl , one in oven}

*Straight Dough Method
  1. 1 mix
  2. 1 fermentation
Advantages of Straight Dough Method:
  • Faster
  • Uses less electricity
  • Easier on equipment
  • Less Labor
*No-time Straight Dough Method
No fermentation. Additives cause "rise" activating Enzymes that normally developed during fermentation.
Basic Formulation / Procedure:

  1. Mix ingredients. Warm up the dough (i.e via mixing friction)
  2. Add more yeast
  3. Add Fructose (yeast can eat this faster)
  4. No Rounding --- Scale & put into pans to bake
Disadvantages of No-time Straight Dough Method:
  • Flavor IS compromised (from lack of fermentation)
  • Bad shelf life (unless you add additives)
  • No flexibility --- from mixer to oven (reminds me of "from zero to sixty")
For more info on dough related baking info go here.



3:21 AM, January 14, 2011 Reply  

Thanks for the different dough mixing tips and techniques. I also think it is important to mention that when it comes to mixing certain types of dough the better quality mixer you have the better the result.

I personally recommend any of the kitchenaid varieties (pro 600 or artisan series). The Viking Professional is also another top quality stand mixer that can handle pretty much anything that you throw at it (also has 800 watts of power and 12 speeds).

For a less expensive but reliable mixer I would probably look at the Hamilton Beach Electrics stand mixer.

All the best, J.D

7:40 AM, May 14, 2012 Reply  

This types of dough can be used to make different cookies. I like to experiment and the result is absolutely amazing. I made this types and they are amazing. Thanks.

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