07 June 2008

Custom Invites , Fast Service

Do you value fast service? Most people would answer this question with a resounding yes. In an age when convenience is king, customer service sometimes gets left at the wayside. But apparently not at izzyprints.com. They will ready your invites within 2-3 days and ship them to you as fast as possible. If you find an error or have a problem with your order - they will go above and beyond to help rectify it and make sure your needs have been met.

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Here is one of their baby shower designs:
Click here to view Baby Shower Floral 3
Click on the above image to view the product page.

On reviewing the website, I was pleasantly surprised at the layout. This site is customer very customer friendly.There are no itty bitty fonts, or hidden links - everything is within your view. The navigation is straightforward and logical, with all their products linked via text link, under six specific holidays or celebration categories in the right sidebar, or on the horizontal drop down menu below the header. The site search and customer service number are well defined at the top of the page.

Everywhere you look there is a navigation link - so forget about getting lost in a sea of webpages. Kudos for the website's usability.

The graphics are not drab. Images are easy on the eyes, and not over done. When you click on an item link, the product page layout is great. All the info you could possibly need about an invitation is right there in an organized format. Their are no cluttered links or images to distract your attention - just an image of the invitation design it's self.

This is a site I would recommend to anyone based on user friendliness alone - so grannies get your glasses, you will feel technologically uplifted when ordering this years Holiday seasons greetings.

The prices are reasonable and the card designs are really cute. Izzyprints.com present their product well and seem to regard their businesses reputation, as well as the customer's satisfaction very highly.

From the Site:
Izzyprints is dedicated to bringing you a quality
service at affordable prices, while ensuring fast
turnaround times. We strive to make your life
easier by simplifying the online design and
print process while allowing you to share your
memories with the world around you.

What products do we offer?

* Birthday Invitations
* Birth Announcements
* Party invitations
* Thank You cards
* Christmas cards
* Hanukkah cards
* Religious Invitations
* Baptisms
* Christenings
* Religious Celebrations
* Bar Mitzvahs
* Baptism Party
* Christening Party
* Baby shower Invitations

I was really interested to find a invitation category for Quinceanera (W) and also for Kwanzaa(W). Those holidays aren't as mainstream (yet) as they should be within other businesses sites.

Overall I can say this website gets an A+ for navigation, readability and usability .
All logos / product designs , pictures are © 2008 Izzyprints. All Rights Reserved.



3:33 PM, March 12, 2010 Reply  

From the sound of your writing the website looks great, and as you have mentioned here their customer care quality is also very good, I will definitely suggest this to my friends. Thanks.

I think Izzy prints website has already expired. Did they move to another site? I am really interested and see their designs.


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