29 June 2008

Product Review: See Me Read Kit - Complete

Have you wished there was an educational product out there - one you could add your child's pic to, that would help him/her get better at reading ? See Me Read  is a product aimed at helping early readers succeed. After seeing her success from working with her own son - Lori Albert Luke , worked with childhood literacy expert Lynette Frentte to create the See Me ReadTM kit, a program that features personalized whole-word learning tools.

See Me Read Kit
Completely customizable...

The Product Specs:
I received the complete kit. The kit includes:
  1. Laminated Reader Cards (24 words)
  2. Reading Books Level 1 and Level 2
  3. Labels (24 words)
  4. Writing Pad
  5. Parent Guide on encouraging reading and
    tips for success
When you go to the See Me Read site , you
have 3 options, or kits, to choose from.
The largest kit is the complete kit.
You have the option to "Buy now,create
later" or "create now".
When you create your personalized kit,
You will be asked to choose 24 words out
of 39 words - the words are people,
objects, animals or places(such as dad,
or bathroom) . You will then be instructed
to take pictures of your child or upload
pictures you already have, that match
the what each word
describes (such as a picture of Ella stand-
ing in"Ella's room " or "Ella's cat"). These
are the words your child will be learning
to spell and read.

If you have selected the full kit you will also
need to fill out a questionnaire because the
Reading Book Level 2 has more advanced
sentences that need to be personalized to
fit your child's kit.
This process will take anywhere from
45 minutes to an hour. So prepare to have
some time freed up if you will be ordering
this complete kit.
The selected kit will then be shipped out and you
should receive it via USPS in 2 weeks.

Product Pros:
  1. Flash cards are large and heavily laminated, and are put on a jump ring - this is great because I know with my kids they loose anything cards related, having these cards on a ring ends having to pull them from every which corner and crevice in our house months after the fact.
  2. The Labels, Flash Cards, Reading Books 1 & 2 are all written in large print , and are not to busy or distracting, making for kids friendly reading.
  3. This kit integrates learning to read into your child's environment so everything your child is reading about is familiar and welcoming - there is no instance for your child to feel overwhelmed by being in a strange environment, so the learning is natural and at your child's own pace - SO much so that your child will wake up wanting to learn more.
  4. By using your own child's name and pictures on these tools, this encourages your kids to embrace themselves in a new light - one that will boost self esteem and confidence
  5. The kit is designed with pre-school and kindergarten curriculum in mind
  6. This kit is easy to use, and your child will practically teach him/herself.
  7. The included notebook has exercises to stimulate your child's creativity and fine motor skills by encouraging your child not only to read the object but to also draw the objects she/he has been learning to spell out.

Product Cons:
  1. The parent guide mentions putting the labels on the object they are describing (such as a dresser), at your child's eye level to encourage them to read wherever they are and learn through association. But I can't help but wish the labels were laminated like the flash cards.
Hint: If you purchase the kit I would recommend you take the labels into Kinko's to get them laminated - especially if you will be using with younger siblings later on.


The See Me Read Kit Complete is an excellent tool to help get your little one on the right track to reading regularly. I would definitely recommend it.



8:02 AM, July 01, 2008 Reply  

Looks like a fun product. Learning tools are so much more creative now-a-days than they were when I was growing up!

6:50 AM, August 09, 2008 Reply  

My daughter had difficulty reading when she was in second grade. She could read what was in the book, but she couldn't comprehend. She had to read the same thing over and over again in order to understand what it was saying. i wonder if this program would have helped her. I would like to see the research the developers used to come up with this program. I am always leary of the latest and greatest fads, especially when at risk learners are involved.

3:34 AM, September 17, 2008 Reply  

The Kit seems to be pretty kool... Hope this tool will help the young ones to read well..

9:25 PM, November 09, 2008 Reply  

The “See Me Read” kit is a great tool for parents and children. I feel that this tool will enable parents to help their children with homework. Also, I like that you can personalize the kit for your child’s needs. You wrote an excellent review of the product and gave me an idea of what to expect from the product. I will definitely tell my friends about this great learning tool.

11:41 PM, July 16, 2010 Reply  

I want to ask is it okay to give this to my aunty? as a gift? or should I refer to this information? cause she seems to has a hard time in teaching her autistic son...

8:51 PM, January 25, 2011 Reply  

It is really useful when you teach children to have pictures so it will be easier for them to remember it. That is what actually do to my nephews when I teach them I show them some pictures of it so it will be easier for them to understand and remember the word.

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