27 June 2008

Baking Theory Notes: Cake Baking and Ingredients

It all started as...
----->Bread dough enriched with butter and spices, leavened with yeast and air was whipped into the dough.

----->ca. 1837 : Baking Powder revolutionizes cake industry (allows for consistent leavening)

moist coconut cake by babe_kl

Characteristics of Cakes:

*Pound / White / Yellow

  • Batter - high ratio cake (fats) , Chemical leavened.

*Angel Food

  • Foam - Air leavened, uses whipped egg.


  • Combo of Batter & Foam - whipped eggs added to batter


  1. tenderizers
  2. moisteners
  3. flavorers

*Flours Used in Cake baking
  • Mainly cake flour (7-9% protein, soft milled)
  • Can use AP, Pastry,
Why Specific Protein Count needed, how it forms Gluten Structure:
  1. Bleached flour (has carotenes taken out)
  2. Flours are Made with Matured Wheat - if using a heavier protein percentage (i.e in bread flour etc, will cause cake structure to become dense, unstable and collapse into it's self.
  3. Moisture content comes from the flour

*Sugars Used in Cake Baking

What sugar does for cakes:
  1. Acts as a Sweetener
  2. Extends the shelf life of the cake
  3. Aides in creaming (process of whipping air into the batter)
  4. Gives cake crust it's color
  5. Spreading action (the process of melting during bake off)

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6:17 PM, June 28, 2008 Reply  

you must to come in Italy for a very culinaire renaissance!

9:40 PM, November 05, 2008 Reply  

Thanks for this information..My cousin is asking me for some ingredients in baking cakes...I will share it to her...Keep on posting great recipes!

2:15 AM, January 13, 2010 Reply  

I become knowledgeable about the subject. Thank you for posting this kind of information.

11:22 PM, January 24, 2010 Reply  

Doing a great job by teaching us so great ways of cooking and cooking management, I really like the way you present things in front of us. Keep the great job continued.

11:24 PM, January 23, 2011 Reply  

Cake is liked by many, nice and a fruitful teaching stuff for all by the post.

9:37 PM, December 21, 2011 Reply  

Fantastic! I really enjoyed baking and decorating cakes such as Disney characters because they are adorable and my kids love them so much!

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