14 June 2005

The 2nd Annual International Weblogger's Day

This blog is apart of the celebration. Blogs From all over The globe are participating. We are relishing the weblog movement. We know That our words can accomplish something --- move our readers into tears, anger or joy. Not only are our words powerful, but they can ignite a torrent of activists, creative voices and effect how the media views global events. No longer is there a cyber grey area of wasted space --- webloggers are here, and will be for a long time!

To Help spread the word & Celebrate fellow webloggers --- Tag your blog post today with this tag! Then ping your blog using Ping-o-matic.com So your blog post will register with technorati.

Click the graphic below to read more about The 2nd Annual Webloggers Day! There are links to other blogs Participating.

587 blogs. 43 countries. 1 day.


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