16 September 2005

Making of a Wedding Cake

Here me and class members are working on the tiers for a wedding cake.

Making of a Wedding Cake, originally uploaded by Amber *.
The filled one is the middle tier of a 10 inch size. White semi chiffon with lemon curd/ buttercream.

The cake on the left is the top layer of 7 inches, a black magic cake w/ mocha buttercream.

The cake being filled in the foreground is also a black magic cake with vanilla buttercream. This is a 15 inch layer.

These pictures were taken in the spring.


Congratulate me! I was one of only 78 students , out of over 5,000 who attend my college to receive a place on the VPs list. I got straight A's!

So I am very proud of myself. Even with everything going on outside of school I was able to get nice grades!


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