09 October 2005

Styled in J. Lambeth Fashion

Hail J. Lambeth, originally uploaded by Amber *.

Here is one of the pictures I took of my cake from Friday's Cake class.

We were working on the Joseph Lambeth scroll work. This Frenchman wrote a book in 1910 and it typically sells for $400 due to it's rare publishing of a dozen copies. My instructor snagged a copy for $75 at an auction.

His work is described as classic, with lots of string design and layering of basic borders to create a very impressive design.

Here are other shots, click to see larger sizes :

food 010 Buttercream design food 006 side work detail



1:15 AM, January 11, 2010 Reply  

The classical design on the cake looks great. I love those yellow flowers on the cake. It gives fresh look for the cake.

3:28 AM, February 26, 2010 Reply  

I really love the angels holding hands on the cake. Would make an incredible wedding cake. I'll get a similar cake when I get married.


10:10 PM, April 11, 2010 Reply  

A great combination, white & orange make the cake just perfect.

7:54 PM, April 25, 2010 Reply  

The design is so simple yet very attractive. It has just the right color of yellow. I wonder if they have a private tutor for cake baking.

9:59 AM, July 12, 2010 Reply  

Very intricate! I love baking and amazed at how classical the design is. I, sure would love to learn how to do this. Truly an art work.

3:43 PM, January 14, 2011 Reply  

That is really cute! Do you know how to make a cake that looks like a guitar?

2:34 AM, February 09, 2011 Reply  

Wow! If I will be the one designing that cake, I wont let anyone eat it! Its a masterpiece.

11:20 AM, January 02, 2012 Reply  

I really love the angels holding hands on the cake. Would make an incredible wedding cake.

2:48 AM, June 23, 2013 Reply  

This cake looks really gorgeous and decorated very beautifully. Are these Orange flowers made of cream on the cake? Thanks for sharing these beautiful pic of cake.

2:04 AM, July 07, 2014 Reply  

Yes, all the decorations are done in buttercream.

8:45 AM, August 18, 2014 Reply  

Fall in love with those beautiful yellow flowers ^^ simple and elegant. Good work, I like it!

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