19 December 2005

Chocolate column

When chocolate is tempered (a series of temperature drops to encourage the forming of a specific crystal which allows the chocolate to harden), you can do just about anything --- this accetate strip was rubbed into a stream of tempered chocolate, until evenly coated. The coated side is then turned inward, then taped to form a column. These column are then set aside to harden. Once hardened the accetate strip is removed.

Here you can see the inside.

Chocolate column, originally uploaded by Amber *.

Please stop by to see my latest template upgrade, I promise it won't disapoint! After recoding and tweaking --- I think I am finally happy now.

Today we had a winter storm...the snow was blowing sideways...brrrrr!

I have been doing alot of pondering, more specifically along the lines of "Pay it forward"; If America or the World ever needed this concept--- they definetly could use it NOW!

I am thinking about all the practically nameless people, who have connected with me, in the vast cyber universe.

I browse their webpages,tinged with subtle clues from their non-cyber lives --- proof of an outside world.

Touched by the words on glowing page, after glowing page. A testament to human emotion. Sheding light on our own disablities or insecurities; making a mockery of our own sarcasms.

We are not "the blind leading the blind" , nor our we drifters.

We float on bandwidth --- toggled to our keypads. Clicking link, after ugly colored link.

Seeking out the most current and relative information.

Until our eyes strain, our heads fall heavy....overrun with the immaterial.



9:25 PM, January 03, 2006 Reply  

hooray for this blog! i like muchly

9:19 PM, January 22, 2008 Reply  

Glad you visited :)

- Amber

1:49 AM, March 05, 2010 Reply  

What made me interesting, when I was watching the post, The title of your column, made me really impressive. The chocolate column.

6:37 AM, August 19, 2010 Reply  

this is really nice, im a big choko-fan

nice site btw

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