12 May 2007

Photography : Blackberry Granita w/ Banana Mouse

*Plated desserts. All made from scratch. This blackberry granita in pilsner glass is garnished with banana mouse, raspberry sauce drizzle, two lemon peel spears and fresh blackberries. On the plate are two piped chocolate tears filled with mango sauce and accented with raspberry cloverleafs.
I have been away from blogging and the cyber world for a year....my Google PR reflects that. Ha. Well I am here to tell you I will be sloughing off these feeble embers and stoking this blog into a great foodie fire! VIVA LA CULINAIRE! More to come?!...



7:44 PM, January 29, 2010 Reply  

This dessert really looks delicious..I think it would be better for our customers if we also serve such more recipes in Maya Masala Restaurant.

1:06 AM, April 16, 2010 Reply  

Very delicious desert...I liked the way it is decorated.

7:26 AM, May 14, 2012 Reply  

Wow, the blackberry granita looks delicious. I once made the recipe and I can't tell you how tasty it is. If your having a summer party in your garden, your guests will be delighted for sure. And it's easy to make also.

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