31 January 2005

More Random street comments...

Well, while making some adjustments to my formulas, I was approached by a man with a mullet & a pink backpack.

He asked me if I was a student of {a really crappy school- that somehow has a good reputation w/ the general public}, I said "No", he said "good girl".

I thought he would leave me alone but he swung back around. He started talking about how he "had owned 40+ restaurants, was a sous chef, world traveled & could cook anything."

Then he proceeded to brag in a nervous yet confident tone about "leading the march, for all the injustices in the world....The bus drivers pass me up when they see me, they won't stop...I will fuck anyone up who tries to put me down...I'm going to get him --- make a mess out of him, and put it on the internet (I laugh nervously) NO, I Will! Fuck these people who don't treat homeless people right!

Then he throws a earring at me. "This is what preacher does..He hands out things to all the street kids -ain't that cool? That's what I'm about. I don't do any drugs or alcohol. At the AA meetings I go to {o.k ?} I see these punks go & then buy drugs outside of the meeting -- fuck that! I go after them, tell them I'll mess them up if they do that shit around here...."

After He was gone, a guy with punk gear on, sunglasses & a la brae piercing looks over at me and says: "Were you impressed? Well were you? I think he was trying to win you over."

O.k not impressed, just weirded out. I pray he doesn't act out his plan. But if he does I will have a suspect --- his face is ingrained in my memory.

What did I learn from this experience? No more Smiling & nodding. If I am uncomfortable leave. If you hear something wrong - memorize that person's face - you never know if you'll meet the next America's Most Wanted .



6:29 PM, July 23, 2008 Reply  

I'm a big fan of the smiling and nodding, but it's best used in combination with walking away.

Then if they follow you, it's a much bigger issue, go for help, but the nodding while walking away defuses most of the situations.

12:46 AM, May 23, 2009 Reply  

LOL. But a small and attractive smile will do the trick. And a little nod too is appreciated.

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