07 January 2006

Baking Is??

According to googlism.com the list below is what Baking & Pastry is, according to google --- a very interesting take on Baking. I have divided the results into subcategories. The list is compiled using the most popular phrases when the term "baking" or "pastry" is searched for on the internet.

bake 615 by Amber *

Scientific :
  • baking is math
  • baking is a great way to do mathematics since you need to combine ingredients in a certain order with a specific
  • baking is math estimated time to complete activity
  • baking is one of the most versatile of cooking techniques because it can achieve a variety of unique results
  • baking is a science
  • baking is an artisan style bakery serving desserts to the hotel
  • baking is excited to offer a new dessert that is guaranteed to heat up your sales
  • baking is the technique cooks and chefs use to pre cook a pastry
  • baking is also a cooking method which turns out goodies that are unbelievably tasty
  • baking is in the manipulation and the fermentation
  • baking is a very important unit operation in the food industry
  • baking is not an exact science
  • baking is possibly one of the oldest form of cooking
  • baking is more scientific than other cooking techniques and requires careful measuring
  • baking is a precise science and not something to which you can take a lackadaisical approach

  • baking is as much a science as an art
  • baking is one of my joys
  • baking is an intensely creative activity
  • baking is the art of turning various items into edible food
  • baking is important too
  • baking is the language we use to tell our families and friends we love them
  • baking is in morabito family's blood

  • baking is terrifying
  • baking is not for you
  • baking is funny not funny ha ha
  • baking is to cut out or cut back on the nuts that you use
  • baking is on the rise
  • baking is now the thing to do to impress friends
  • baking is easy enough for even the most culinary challenged men
  • baking is a fun skill but of somewhat limited usefulness


  • baking is the food of love
  • baking is poetry to businessman's soul
  • baking is a millenium dedication to the american flour milling industry and to those who bring us our daily bread

Pastry IS??

shaping danish - Pinwheels By Amber *
Scientific :
  • pastry is tacky to touch
  • pastry is judged by the evenness of the flakes when it is baked
  • pastry is the title given to baked articles of food made of paste or having paste as a necessary ingredient
  • pastry is kneaded
  • pastry is first mixed to develop the gluten until a smooth silky dough is formed
  • pastry is my life
  • pastry is one of the great delights of the french kitchen
  • pastry is as good as it gets
  • pastry is so good that it seems a shame to limit it use to a breakfast roll

  • pastry is bergin's idea of good time
  • pastry is very sticky
  • pastry is either flaky or tough
  • pastry is an elegant pastry that can be given as a chic & unique gift to anyone with a sweet tooth & impress them
  • pastry is always shrinking
  • pastry is not one of my strongest suits

  • pastry is a light
  • pastry is given the correct perspective
  • pastry is like feathers


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