22 June 2008

Beatboxer adds different sounds as if adding ingredients in his kitchen

O.k, hopefully you haven't seen this yet? I just found this while searching for baking related diggs. I love music and beatbox and baking --- this dude combines all three of my favorites...o.k AND improve! He is in an apron and has a kitchenaide in front of him. Part Monthy Python , part Martha, part B-BoyyZ.

A must see! The incredibly original and talented beatboxer Beardyman presents a hilarious routine where he "bakes" a beatbox routine from the different sound "ingredients" he has in his repertoire. Amazing, incredible, and all those digg-worthy adjectives!

digg story For more Kitchen related You-Tube :



12:32 AM, June 23, 2008 Reply  

yes this is absolutely right that making food with muzic and fun is really a good thing

Great video, I think he's really for the kitchen to create that music. I love cooking too and beatbox, both I am not good with this two.


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