24 December 2004

For people who are compulsively photographing food

Are you looking for a flickr group of like-minded foodieophiles who can appreciate, no, sympathize with your food picture taking habit?

White Raspberries and Fig by libraryman
White Raspberries and Fig by libraryman

About I Ate This

Warning: Licking your computer monitor may be hazardous to your health.

Post images of a meal on a plate (or otherwise!) that you ate. Meals you were particularly happy with would be nice. Everyone eats; lets see who eats what! The food must be the primary subject in the shot. 

Two notes about this:

- Please show the food, not the wrapper or container of the food. (That is, unless you actually ate the wrapper.)
- Especially keep people's faces and eyes out of the photo, as our attention will inevitably be drawn to them, instead of the dish. (Unless, you ate the face and eyes...Actually, No, We'll None of That!.)
If you are nice enough to provide the instructions for making the dish in the description, please also add the word "recipe" as a tag.

So the next time you find yourself alone in the kitchen admiring your latest culinary creation , whilst you revel in that moment of Triumph grab your camera, capture it and post it Here!..


Link: I Ate This



1:48 AM, January 23, 2013 Reply  

Really very yummy image and you warned people for that haha
"Warning: Licking your computer monitor may be hazardous to your health."

nice post Amber!

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