13 April 2005

If you are sickened by this homogeneous thing we dub "urban sprawl"

Has the world gone crazy? We are obsessed with convenience, of course in some parts more than others.

Has fast food infiltrated everything? In all facets of our fragile, materialistic society - fast food chains have wrapped their greasy tentacles, around the minds and arteries which represent us as a whole.

It has gone so far , I am even convinced there are small groups of individuals that have even got the "golden arches" tattooed to their hiney.

But for those of us wise enouph to realize that urban sprawl & homogenised restaurant chains & supermarkets are not the ideal --there is an organization which mirrors that sentiment. And echoes the same idealism. That does so much more!

Slow Food

"Slow Food was founded in 1986, is an internationalorganization whose aim is to protect the pleasures of the table from thehomogenization of modernfast food and life. Through a variety of initiatives, itpromotesgastronomic culture, develops taste education, conservesagricutural biodiversity and protects traditional foods at risk ofextinction"
I found this site to be very cool. Plus they raised funds for the tsunami victims. Find reviews, recipes. And membership info.


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