03 April 2008

How To Make a Simple Proof Box for Your Home

If you have an area that is protected by drafts , where you can create a moist air with steam, then you can create a proof box.

What you will need:

  • Get a standard shelf. [[Make sure it can fit a deep pan or bowl that you will use to proof your dough.]]
  • Wide sheets of heavy plastic / or tarp. [[Allow the sheet width to accommodate the width and depth of your shelf - so that you can tape the plastic sheet sides together]]
  • Heavy wide tape - such as duct tape or heavy packing tape.
  • Good sharp scissors for removing excess plastic.
To Create your Proof Box:
  1. With sheets of new / clean, heavy plastic or tarp, Drape a plastic sheet over both the front of the shelf and the back. Gather the top of theses plastic sheets together , centering where the top of the sheets meet above your shelving, allowing it to drape to the length of the shelf, all the way to the floor.
  2. (Remove any excess plastic that is longer than your shelf length, or too wide on the sides.
  3. Using duct tape or heavy packing tape - Create a sleeve of the plastic sheeting with a sealed top, and leave the bottom open(this is where your "steam" will be created) , that you can slide over the shelf when you need to proof something --- by taping the top and side edges together, to form an air tight seal.
Steam can be created by :

  1. Placing a bowl or pan you can add boiling water from a kettle to, at the bottom.
  2. Put your dough to be proofed on the shelves (on a pan or in bowl), and zipper the cover tight / or slide your newly designed sleeve until it touches the floor snugly . [[If using a store bought green house shelf --- You might want to tape the seams of the zipper, to prevent drafts. ]]
  3. Allow dough to rest for recipes specified proof time.

If you don't want to DIY (do it yourself):
**An indoor green house shelf unit (with a zippered plastic cover) that you buy for $20 .00 at Fred Meyers will work. Follow the "steam direction above.

***Or use your oven--- put your pan or bowl of dough, covered with a damp cloth, on the center wrack. Add a pan at the bottom and pour boiling water from a kettle into the pan. Proof as the recipe calls for.



4:22 PM, May 26, 2009 Reply  

Great article, just printed it out to make one for myself. Thanks!

4:04 AM, March 13, 2010 Reply  

Very instructive and useful article indeed. I always find something very amazing and extraordinary from here. I hope you will maintain your blog quality in future as well.

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