26 April 2008

Soul Search : Saturday Food Poetry

In an effort to reawaken my poetry writing, I will be featuring a food photo that inspires me, then let the words that stem from that image fall onto the page. Enjoy! Comments welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks ericmcgregor for use of this photo.

Muscular and artistic hands -
weaving the magic we call presentation.

I see the art,
fashioned of edible sculpture.

Your formulations
holy scripture.

you are profit of the palate,
unwavering congregation.

cutouts of cake, bases;
the pulpit
you preach
your decadent wisdom.

Dripping, oozing
thinning sauces.

Prepping, squeezing;
till heavenly visions
are realized.

Tuiles, chocolate decorations;
An offering
of snap,
of crispy symmetry;
Oh lovely visual revelations.

Is it enough to paint those lines,
to chase perfection
to gain
holy ground?

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3:24 PM, April 28, 2008 Reply  

Hi Amber,

I was a little hungry, so I went there and stopped for a tiny juicy piece of time between now and a little further.

My prefered Gaiman, I think, is Anansi boys... maybe because it's the last I've read... maybe because it's talking about storys wich became songs.

Stardust was also a nice trip, so was Neverwhere (the first I read which wasn't a comic) : the great revelation :)

I'd love to visit you, to taste your pastry, fortunately, I live a few steps further, between Geneva and Paris and the better place to meet would be, in dreamland during one of those funny starry nights. I'm very hungry, you know, but I'll try to savor your poetry slowly.

Dad became a chief after being a photographer, so if you'd walk through the old Orleans you could eat at his restaurant, yes the one behind the cathedral (www.lapetitemarmite.net).
On the path, maybe you could ear a bagpipe song carried by the wind, so say hello to my big little brother Nikos. Who wanted to be a pastry Chefdom but became a musician.

So the tiny juicy piece time have been eaten by field mice...

Have a pastry day, sweet night and starry dreams.


9:37 AM, October 27, 2008 Reply  

Another delicious photo! Keep them coming!

9:33 AM, October 08, 2009 Reply  

ow, it has an awesome look

2:33 PM, March 15, 2010 Reply  

"to gain culinary holy ground." I love it. Your descriptions are awesome. I've always been mesmerized by a kitchen in full swing, preparing colorful, decadent meals for a crowded restaurant. It just seems magical.

10:38 AM, August 27, 2010 Reply  

"Prepping, squeezing;
till heavenly visions
are realized."
This really describes the art of cooking, baking :)

9:06 AM, August 28, 2010 Reply  

Good poem and i want to eat the picture! lol

1:56 AM, September 09, 2010 Reply  

Its delicious. your conception delight dishes is too good it's just seems imaging.

4:25 AM, September 24, 2010 Reply  

Beautiful poem! And the picture is just a sight for sore eyes ... mmm I'm so glad that you turn cooking into art!

1:51 AM, September 25, 2010 Reply  

excellent poem!

4:24 AM, September 30, 2010 Reply  

It works fine. I like them yourself-on-itself but even my wife said it's great. Out of it if she said it exactly right)

4:34 AM, October 04, 2010 Reply  

great it's look like very delicious thanks for sharing this post

5:13 AM, October 07, 2010 Reply  

Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

8:36 PM, October 08, 2010 Reply  

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1:01 AM, November 22, 2010 Reply  

Thank your labor health

6:21 AM, December 02, 2010 Reply  

That’s interesting point of view on poetry. Really it can cause different emotions. Sometimes we become romantic, sometimes frustrated or sad, but there is such a poetry that can make us hungry or just create an image of something delicious in our mind. The picture you chose is incredibly suitable for the poem. That was great to read it!

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