14 April 2008

Review : Morimoto - The New Art of Japanese Cooking

For me this is an orgasmic book of unmeasured proportions. I have loved Iron Chef. I have loved Japanese cooking and finally the two have merged and come full circle. On viewing the book it's self - wow. A nice presentation. A heavy slightly over sized cookbook. 

Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking.


The editing of this book is very well done. Nice graceful modern designs. Page after page of glossy step by step images and techniques, and notations on traditional Asian ingredients and how that translates to using and accessing them (or a finding suitable substitutions) in the US . If I ever wanted to publish a cookbook, it would be in this style.
This book showcases why Chef Morimotow is at the axis of a foodie empire, in this creative and intuitive take on Japanese cuisine. When I read this cookbook, I felt like the foodie version of Being John Malkovich , as this book allows you to peer inside the thoughts and actions of this culinary genius.

In relation to skill level, I would recommend this book to people who have at least an intermediate knowledge of culinary techniques. The beginning home cook might not know how to utilize or apply the techniques Chef Morimoto has outlined in this book.

It would be wise to do some further research on Japanese Culinary techniques also, as this book can only highlight certain facets of the cuisine itself and not act as a reference manual or course book on Japanese Cuisine as a whole.

If you have ever had an inkling of adoration for Asian style cuisine, or are awestruck at the complexities of the full spectrum of Professional Japanese Culinary , as I am, you would enjoy this book.

Highlights of this book include:
  • An in depth look at how the Japanese chef works his knife magic to create beautiful Sashimi w and Sushi w works of art out of various ingredients - parts of fish, Octopus , and Various Vegetables .
  • Recipes that are full of depth and charisma.
  • Master recipes of various sauces and marinades.
  • Text about the origins and importance of ingredients utilized in Japanese cuisine.
  • Beautiful photography displaying the frame by frame procedures for each culinary technique, and the eloquent plate presentation for each recipe.
  • A glossary of Japanese terms , as well as a source guide for obtaining specialty ingredients.

Overall this book is a wonderful culinary journey that enables the reader to cultivate a better understanding of chef Morimoto, Japanese cuisine and the culinary revelations that Morimoto has contributed to todays culinary field. I loved this book!



3:06 AM, April 16, 2008 Reply  

I agree- Morimoto's book is one of the inst cookbooks I have ever had the pleasure to read. Because it is not a book you flip through- you read it.

My husband (being the chef) has already used his recipe for fume and made some fabulous udon with it.

12:49 PM, April 16, 2008 Reply  

I'm not a big fan of Iron Chef (or of most of the shows on the Food Network) but I am a fan of Morimoto and enjoyed your book review a great deal. I always find the best cookbooks are those that not only teach technique and share enthusiasm but also leave the reader with a true sense of what the food in the book tastes like--- as this book obviously does!

4:48 AM, April 18, 2008 Reply  

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9:13 AM, June 03, 2008 Reply  

I have that cookbook too and it's beyond beautiful! I haven't had the opportunity to make anything from it yet, but even just drooling at the photos makes it worth it!

1:06 PM, March 12, 2010 Reply  

I will definitely like to read this book. Although I am not a great fan of Sushi or any other Japanese dish, but I love cooking and I think a good chef must knows about all the cuisine out there. Anyways I like the way you have described the features of this book.

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