18 May 2008

Recalling Fondly Old Town Pizza in Portland, OR

If you get the chance to visit Portland Oregon, be sure to visit Old Town Pizza.

old town pizza company , portland oregon

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Nestled on a side street in Portland's old town, you will find Old Town Pizza in a unassuming building with obviously aging architecture. As you walk inside - there is an air of bygone days.
You can almost feel the presence of the once vibrant inhabitants that walked under the old growth timber beams framing it's 2nd floor, or hear an echo of their footsteps and distant laughter from the working men who threw back a couple - drinking their modest ales on their retreat homeward.

As history has unfolded, a slightly more wicked slew of personal accounts from the early 1900's surrounds these grounds where Old Town Pizza sits. The tales are numerous, Apparently many a sailer was hijacked, while consuming their beverages or a warm meal, or talking up a pretty painted lady , seated above the tunnels in pubs--- all at once a trap door (a.k.a "Deadfall") would open up in the floor and a random sailer would fall , into the hands of awaiting anxious men, to be taken deep into the catacombs, and scurried through the eerie tunnels w, which lead to the basements of other buildings , where the men would be held captive in holding cells, to be bought and sold to ship captains in a lucrative human trafficking ring. The name "shanghai" came about because most of these ships were bound to The Orient. On Halloween this period in the Portland, Oregon history is a favorite among local Portland residents, and sometimes at various times of the year a Shanghai Tunnel tour can be had.

Old Town Pizza has been in Business since 1974, once you walk into the place, you are transported to another time period. All the furniture is antique from the 1900 - 1930's period. The walls are also decorated with antique souvenirs from bygone days. Try wandering up stairs and you will find little enclaves of cozy furniture such as old couches and smoking chairs, positioned around coffee tables so you can set your pizza and pitcher of favorite beer and gather for a feast. These great seating areas evoke fun conversation. And are lighted by the warm glow of old period lamps - which creates a wonderful ambiance.

The pizza is great, with a light crispy crust outside and soft insides, it is fired in a brick oven. You may want to find parking elsewhere and walk a few blocks to get there, because open street parking spots are far and few between.

I have found going there a great experience, and there is a special area that you can find once you walk inside and make a left - toward the right far corner, and it is a little room, where you can be seated in booth style around a table - that at one time housed a freight elevator shaft. It was converted and there isn't a ceiling - if you look upwards you can see several windows that seem to reach for the sky - and you at once will feel dwarfed by the towering buildings that flank the room.

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8:24 PM, May 26, 2008 Reply  

Old Town Pizza rocks! It's been a while since I've been there so I should make plans to go this week.

Pamela @ enobytes

7:02 PM, September 12, 2008 Reply  

Pizza on Halloween. Hmmm...I like pizza. I luv Halloween. That could be a good combo. Halloween will be on a Friday this year, so the kids should be able to stay up a little bit later than usual.

7:19 PM, October 28, 2008 Reply  

just so you know old town pizza opened in 74 not 75 and there is no brick oven, it is a slate oven.

7:48 AM, March 10, 2010 Reply  

Well I am a great lover of pizza, but I never tried that location of Old town pizza, the description and the deal mention here sounds delicious already. I will definitely try that. Cheers.

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