01 July 2008

Book Review : How to Survive the Real World

Once the familiar feelings and memories of your college life have started to fade away, replaced with more pressing matters, and the feeling of accomplishment has toned down a bit after graduation - you may find yourself in a panic about leaving your comfort zone and getting out into the world.

.....New Grad?

How To Survive The Real World

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How To Survive The Real World by Hundreds of Heads is a collaboration of tips, stories and quotes by grads who did survive, they give advice on what they learned out in the real world.
Book Specs:
  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Hundreds of Heads Books (April 1, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1933512032
  • ISBN-13: 978-1933512037
  • 103 Tips on How to Win a Job and Impress Your New Boss
  • 24 Ways to "Get Out and Get On With It"
  • Info on Starting Down The Right Financial Path
  • Advice on Office Dating
  • Basic Survival Skill: Etiquette, Cooking and Buying a Car

I am always a little skeptical of guides like this. I never pick up those
"for dummies" books, Maybe it's a bit of a put off for me to purchase
a book that tries to teach you so condescendingly. But apparently these
books are helping some people - because thousands upon thousands
of "dummies" books have been sold.

How To Survive The Real World surprised me. When I picked it up and
started to read through the pages - I found it pretty enlightening and rather
humorous. It wasn't like reading from some boring manual penned by a
stuffy, elitist professional, such as allot of these types of books are, that are
geared towards grads.

How To Survive The Real World is like sitting down to chat with your
best friends - the ones you can pour your heart out to and that won't make you feel completely idiotic. The friends who you secretly admire for their guts and grittiness because they always seem to have no fear when it comes to tackling difficult situations , and who have the crazy stories to prove it. And it's these same friends who you always have the happiest and enthralling times with.

How would you like to have 774 friends like this? This book combines real, sometimes brash, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, advice from the grads who set out before you and I, to conquer their destinies - but surprise, their grand visions didn't always match their real life situation.
This book is full of really useful tips and advice for just about any situation the college grad might find themselves in. Here are just a few examples - a guide to stocking your first kitchen, resume dos & don't(s), email etiquette - this is great material to have at your disposal. I would highly recommend How To Survive The Real World.



2:51 PM, March 11, 2010 Reply  

The description of book looks awesome, I am not a great lover of books, so that's why I rarely find book worth of reading and books with instructions are even more boring than others. If this book promises what you have been telling us here then I think,I will definitely give it a try.

3:32 AM, May 27, 2012 Reply  

Thank you for sharing a review for this book.
It seems to be an inspiring book, I love to grab one.
Thank you!


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