25 July 2008

Product Review: Scrubbing Bubbles' Action Scrubber

Recently My Mom sent me this really cool vintage counter top metal cabinet. It has 4 deep drawers on the top for storage of dry goods, and a bread box on the bottom. I had decided to position it right below my cabinet on the largest counter , which happened to be near a sink.

I really didn't think this would be a problem, forgetting that if water over flows from the sink - it tends to collect on the counter (in the area right below my new cabinet). Needless to say water did just that - and caused my beloved cabinet to rust around the bottom edges.

When I moved the cabinet - I could see the tell tale signs of a rusted mess, a deep orange rectangular outline had stained my counter top.

Needless to say, I have tried using any kind of cleaner I could get my hands on to remove this stain - nothing seemed to work, not even my beloved S.O.S scrubbing pads. This surprised me because SOS is great at removing most everything (including that baked on blackened residue on the bottom of pans, and on electric stove burner drip pans).

When I was given the chance to review Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubbers, I secretly laughed at myself - I would put these pads to the test - a trial by fire, my stained counter.

Clean Machine

Scrubbing Bubbles Action

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I received the package from Mom Central
and SC Johnson.

The product comes with a molded heavy
foam handle
and a resealable plastic tub
with 4 scrubbing pads that are filled with

There were 4 really nice coupons for this
product and other scrubbing bubbles products,

Not only were
there directions on the outside packaging,
But a large font printed insert with a
reminder. Then on the plastic storage tub.
The directions are very easy to follow,
and detailed.

Product Assembly:
This product could not be any easier to use. The Assembly
consists of:
  1. removing the cleanser filled pad from
    a plastic sleeve
  2. applying the molded foam handle to the
    printed side of the pad and gently
    rubbing until the Velcro like strips have hooked
    into the pad.
Product Use & Performance:
Once the Action Pad has been assembled these steps are taken to use the product:

  • Adding a small amount of water to the pad to activate the cleanser.

  • Using a circular motion to scrub surface

  • Rinsing the cleaned surface

  • Discarding used pad into trash

  • I followed the above directions, and started to firmly apply pressure and scrub my rust stained counter top. At first I was not impressed, but then the cleanser started to activate, and fizzing bubbles were alive - moving and spanning the surface where I was scrubbing. Then slowly but surely the Action Pad was working - I could not believe this product was removing a stain that my best cleaning products couldn't. But sure enough it did!

    This product isn't recommended for surfaces that can easily scratch. I would not use this pad on wood surfaces , or a natural stone counter top (such as marble or slate) due to the high likeliness of marring the protective finish that is applied to the counter top.

    Product Storage:
    The molded handle rests at the top of the plastic storage tub, there is a recessed area so that it fits partially inside. The scrubber pad refills are stored within the tub.
    I would highly recommend if you have kids or pets to store this out of their reach. It's a fun color that might attract kids and dogs would love to chew on this handle - guaranteed.

    Overall Summary:
    The so called "trail by fire" that I had thought this product would most likely fail, had indeed been no match for Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber. This product is easy to assemble, use - yet gets the job done. Even though it's disposable - it has the scrubbing power of a heavy duty scouring pad. I am an eczema suffer, mainly on my hands, and this cleanser did not irritate my eczema with the small amount of contact it had with my skin.

    I would highly recommend this product.



    Janet Blaze
    8:01 AM, October 05, 2009 Reply  

    I agree, Scrubbing Bubbles is a pretty good product. It also works great on tiled showers where the grout lines are harder to clean. My shower is a tumbled stone, and the bubbles really seem to get in all the little nooks and crannies. The grout lines in our shower are especially deep, and scrubbing bubbles is the only product I found that really gets down into them good.

    Janet B
    Founder, American Made E-Liquid

    9:34 PM, January 17, 2010 Reply  

    I like scrubbing bubbles I actualy use it on my lawn mower after I finish mowing just spray wait alittle while and the grass and dirt come of really easy.

    Steve K
    Supplier, E-Liquid

    2:36 AM, May 15, 2010 Reply  

    Looks like a good product to clean stains on porcelain. I will read the advertisement. It seems interesting. I'll buy it if the product is good.

    8:10 PM, June 09, 2010 Reply  

    Seemed to be cleaned with a clean stains on porcelain .. I'll try it. :)

    3:53 AM, May 15, 2012 Reply  

    I will definitely try it. I ask some friend who have too and they are also very satisfied with the scrubbing bubbles. Cheaper than this you won't get it anyway.

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