01 July 2008

Food Blogger Blogoversary Calender

I had an idea I thought would be a fun way to support our fellow food blog authors. And help create a even closer community.

I started a calender for listing food blogger blogoversary dates. The date of your food blog's official launch or first post, is your blogoversary.

The calender will allow for clickable links in the description, so you can put your blog's title in the event title, and a description of your food blog, then any links you'd like such as : your blog's link, twitter account, face book page etc. If you click on the image below, you can view an example calender event.

I used google calender to create it. It's easily searchable in the google calendar database. So your readers can follow all of their fav foodies. All public calenders are indexed by google.

You can view it by clicking this link - food blogger blogoversary. There is a small button at the bottom right you can click to subscribe/ add it to your google calender account.

You don't need to have a google account to view the calender, or get updates for upcoming or newly added food blogs :

Click on this link to subscribe with any calender that supports iCal format. Here is a list from wikipedia of apps that support iCAL.

I also burned it through feedburner. So you can subscribe or use it to add to another feed you are aggregating on your sidebar etc.


If you would like to be added to the calender, please fill out this form:


If you have more than one blog, please fill out form for each blog.

I will set each event to continue to be celebrated yearly, so you will get updated every year.

I hope this can be something that is fun and usable for everyone . It gives another way to celebrate and promote your wonderful food blogs.



8:59 AM, September 22, 2008 Reply  

This is great! Thanks for putting in all the hard work for this. I hope it is successful!

12:36 PM, September 23, 2008 Reply  

Aww, thanks nate n annie, I appreciate your enthusiasm to participate in my project. Hopefully this becomes a really great resource for foodies, bloggers and their followers.

So far word is slowly getting out. Hopefully the idea catches on.

11:47 PM, November 02, 2008 Reply  

nice idea to support the food blogs, and food blog authors.

9:52 PM, December 25, 2008 Reply  

i must admit, that is a pretty good idea!

4:31 AM, January 18, 2009 Reply  

Agree with zara clothing, That is good as well as very creative idea.



7:54 AM, January 21, 2009 Reply  

Really cool use of Google Calender. Nice work.

3:40 PM, January 22, 2009 Reply  

I use Google calendar, i think its great and now i can use it for my blog! many thanks

10:34 PM, April 12, 2009 Reply  

Good idea, enjoy blog along with food and beverage recipe and be healthy.

2:29 AM, July 13, 2009 Reply  

A nice source to explore and share interesting and useful information.

4:13 AM, July 24, 2009 Reply  

Totally agree with all the people above. Its really a creative idea..

8:49 PM, November 20, 2009 Reply  

This is really adorable Idea I would say

12:22 AM, January 11, 2010 Reply  

A great way to be with fellow food bloggers. Keeping in touch is one healthy way to longer good camaraderie.

9:06 PM, February 14, 2010 Reply  

ahh i must admit, that is a pretty cool idea!

6:11 PM, March 23, 2010 Reply  

It's easily searchable in the google calendar database. So your readers can follow all of their fav foodies. All public calenders are indexed by google.

9:06 AM, May 22, 2010 Reply  

This will be very helpful in your quest to mingle with fellow bloggers. Also google calendar might be useful in what I am going to do in the future. Thank you for this useful information.

5:42 AM, August 27, 2010 Reply  

Its really to appreciate such open networking for best knowledge along with useful stuff with interesting topic and helpful information.

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