18 December 2009

Harvesting, Foraging and Mushrooms - Oh My! Part 1 - Truffles

This post references cookbooks,  publications, lectures and industry focused literature on truffles. I was re-reading a previous post Harvesting, Foraging and Mushrooms - Oh My!, and thought I should split up the Foraging , Truffles & Mushroom Hunting Publication list into 3 posts, so that it would be more user friendly. Enjoy!

Specialty Fungi - Truffles

Truffles - Black Truffles

Truffles - White Truffles

Book Language: Italian - Italiano

Book Language: Spanish - Espaniol

Book Language: French - Français

Truffles - Industry Focused

Truffle Editorials & Lectures

Truffles - North America
Truffles - Europe


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