14 August 2008

This Blog Has A Comment Form

This blog is still revealing it's self. Slowly emerging into something I can be proud of. If it seems like I have put the food writing and blog writing on hold it is because of all the stuff going on right now. Unfortunately due to the nature of all of it, it is far too personal to throw it out to the web. If you follow me on twitter you might wonder, well you pretty much tweet about everything else in your life - why not shout out what's all happening?

These things have no words I think that would encompass what I truly feel, and might come off as cheapened if I blog about them. It would be like setting my troubles on a balance scale and match them against a million much more tragic events happening to the masses.

Because of these happenings I will be working on slowly getting back up to speed in the world of foodie postings. Bare with me.

In the meantime I wanted to update everyone on some of the new features to Renaissance Culinaire. I have been working hard to tweak this blogger template to the very max of it's capabilities.

I have added a comment form! No more redirects to blogger - if you want to comment on a post, you can now do it on my blog under the post, in a comment form - similar to wordpress blogs. The comments will still be moderated by me, same as usual. But hopefully having a comment form spawns a new influx of commenting people for this blog. Comments are also displayed in a recent comments widget on the sidebar.

Above is a picture. You can find out how to add a comment form to your own blogger blog here.

So not only have I made it easier for you to comment, but I will featuring the best comments w/ link to your profile /blog in a comment carnival, similar to this former post: Reader Comment Carnival. So what are you waiting for, grab yourself some blogger karma - give me some comment love, it encourages me to keep writing.

There are allot of useful archived posts, so poke around.



12:12 PM, August 16, 2008 Reply  

look at me, I'm commenting from this form!! Woo Hoo! I love the comment form.

11:57 PM, August 17, 2008 Reply  

haha, are you that happy about it ? :D

7:34 PM, August 19, 2008 Reply  

I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Here is to a better tomorrow!

11:11 PM, August 19, 2008 Reply  

@Camikaos Thanks for stopping by & I love the comment form too!

@Nathan You are so sweet to leave well wishes for me. That helps so much though to know someone is reading my posts...Thanks!

I am coping. There are so many things to be grateful for even through this stuff I am going through.

5:39 PM, August 26, 2008 Reply  

this kind of comment in blogspot blogs is such a big relief. Else that pop up or redirect to comment form page used to be a huge turn off in many cases..

2:16 PM, October 17, 2008 Reply  

Very interesting to read.

8:55 AM, November 19, 2008 Reply  

The new comments are nice, much much better than blogger :P and god read, like it :D

10:31 AM, April 15, 2010 Reply  

I think all blogspot bloggers should do this.Is it very difficult to implement.I've never used blogspot for blogging i have self hosted wordpress blog.

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