04 August 2008

Product Review: I-Spy Memory Game

Many occasions on long car trips you may have played I-spy as a child or now play it with your children or grandchildren. Calling out the familiar phrase "I spy with my little eye...", hoping to baffle those trying to figure out what exactly it is that you do spy. Then the triumphant "I know ..." was sounded, signaling your "secret" spy is no longer a riddle any longer, and all at once you are out a turn at spying, and your role becomes the questioning, searching finder.

I Spy Memory Game by Briarpatch captures the thrill of those car games, and magically condenses that spirit into card sized fun.

When I first received this game, I opened the box and was surprised that the cards were not pre-cut. There are sheets of thick card stock that you must push the scored cards out of. The process over all was not to tedious, and my 5 yr old daughter enjoyed seeing what I would pop out next. While doing this I noticed that there were two types of cards:

  1. Elaborate Image cards with a blue text background on the bottom.(Memory Cards)
  2. Text cards with a red text background on the bottom (Riddle Cards)
These cards are important because there are different options to play the game, depending on your player's skill levels in reading.

If the player is not skilled at reading there is an option to play with just the memory cards themselves. The instructions have a detailed list of images you are looking for to match in pairs, to be read off before the game is started.

This is the option we opted for, as my daughter isn't quite at reading confidently yet, as she will be starting kindergarten this fall.

It seemed a bit overwhelming for my 5 yr old at first, she was really exited to just get to the playing of the game, but once she found her first match she really took to the game. In fact she got the most matches between me and my husband combined.

We all enjoyed this time as a family, and our youngest toddler even got into the spirit of things by holding onto my "matches" pile.

If you are playing with older players who are skilled at reading then the riddle cards will come into play.There are 8 options total to play this game. You are also encouraged to make up your own riddles.

Game Specs:

Number of Players: 1-6
Age range: 5 yrs to Adult

Contents :
  • 60 Memory Cards
  • 15 Riddle Cards
  • Game Instructions
Game Play:
  • Option to play memory matching with younger players who aren't proficient at reading.
  • Riddles included for older players who are skilled at reading.
  • 8 ways to play this game total
  • Cards are made with very heavy grade matte card stock
  • Images are lively and well done
  • Instructions are very detailed.
  • Riddles are quick to grab players interest.
  • Briarpatch will replace missing game pieces w/ description and $1.00 to cover shipping costs.
  • I Spy was awarded a Parent's Choice Gold Award.
Over all I would say that this game is a real gem. It promises to create a fun environment for your friends and family. I spy encourages attention to detail while stimulating creativity and problem solving abilities. Fun for all ages. I would highly recommend I Spy.



7:05 AM, August 05, 2008 Reply  

I remember many long car rides playing this game along with others based on license plates or billboards. Although I still like the old fashioned way I'm still going to check out this game.

6:25 PM, August 06, 2008 Reply  

That looks like a fun game my children would have loved when they were younger!

10:24 PM, August 09, 2008 Reply  

I used to love the I-Spy books when I was a kid! Cool product.

7:11 AM, August 11, 2008 Reply  

Sounds quite a lot of fun game. Nice review. Thanks:)

6:50 AM, August 13, 2008 Reply  

Wow, that sounds like a really nice game. Quite a lot of fun

4:26 PM, August 13, 2008 Reply  

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Yes this game was really fun, even at just the beginner level. When my daughter is a little older we will play it with the riddles added. From what I read of the riddles cards, they seem really fun.

10:56 AM, August 14, 2008 Reply  

Honestly, I never played the game yet... It's my first time to hear it. But by reading your reviews, it made me see it is a cool game to play.

2:31 PM, August 19, 2008 Reply  

This is funny game. Nice review. Thank you:)

12:04 PM, September 05, 2008 Reply  

looks good, where to buy that card

5:00 AM, September 08, 2008 Reply  

hey, love the blog - i will try and keep up with it!! please keep more coming :)I wish I could start a blog but I don’t have much time :( Thanks,

4:09 AM, September 09, 2008 Reply  

This is something what you can really rely on...! Since long time I look here at regular intervals and read the interesting and well written contributions. Its really appreciating.

2:28 AM, September 17, 2008 Reply  

This is nice and fun game. Thanks

7:49 AM, September 24, 2008 Reply  

Nice game!. Thanks

5:17 PM, September 29, 2008 Reply  

I never played this game yet but it looks fun.

2:00 PM, October 24, 2009 Reply  

I bet kids are gonna love playing this game. This is not only educational, it's fun and enjoyable too.

11:13 AM, December 28, 2009 Reply  

This was always such a good book. The game will always be a classic. I remember playing I-Spy up to my early teens on trips to away games during sports season. Now, I play with little ones.

11:43 AM, March 13, 2010 Reply  

It seems a good time pass with your family or friends. The thing I like the most is, almost every age group can play this game according to their skill level. I will definitely try this with my family. Cheers.

3:07 PM, July 27, 2010 Reply  

Memory games are good for children for them to enhance not only for their memory but for their socialization. It will be better if you just watch them and let the kids play alone themselves. You should include reviews of other games that help develops young mind and motors.

2:44 AM, April 28, 2011 Reply  

My son loves this game!! My son is 12 and he has been asking everyone to play I-Spy with him since his game arrived.

3:48 AM, August 11, 2011 Reply  

great game suitable for kids or adult

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