03 August 2008

Recipes for Muffins Scones and Pastries

Here is a list of muffin and pastry formulas that have been featured on Renaissance Culinaire. Some of these formulas are commercial baking formulas that can be reduced for home use. This page will continue to be updated as more recipes are added.

Thanks Darwin Bell For Use of his Photo.

  • Fresh Fruit Napoleons with Blackberry Curd

  • Banana - Rum Napoleons

  • Croissant with a starter

  • Hot Pepper Gingerbread Muffins with Orange-Maple Butter

  • Gulab Jamun | Indian Sweets

  • Pate A Choux , Éclairs & Cream Puffs revisited

  • Callebaut Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Scones

  • Crispies (Italian puff pastry based, similar tasting as American Elephant Ear)

  • Scratch Italian Puff Pastry



    9:10 PM, August 07, 2008 Reply  

    Hmmm. that Hot pepper ingredient for the ginger bread muffins seems suspicious for good tasting muffins. Nonetheless, thanks and I'm definitely up for any new cooking. My recipes have gone stale and I'm looking for new ones to try.

    8:10 PM, September 07, 2008 Reply  

    Mmmmmmmmmm...I can't wait to try out your recipes. The Callebaut Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Scones sound divine! Keep them coming please :)

    5:16 AM, September 12, 2008 Reply  

    These sound delicious...Its making me starving reading this site!

    Nice site

    7:54 AM, September 23, 2008 Reply  

    Hmmm...yummy! I will definitely would like to give it a try. Thanks.

    1:47 AM, April 07, 2010 Reply  

    I made the Banana recipe and everyone was amazed! Thanks for sharing these link with us.

    3:11 AM, July 15, 2010 Reply  

    I will definitely try the Scratch Italian Puff Pastry soon...i love puff pastry with some organic corn and cheddar soup

    7:05 AM, June 17, 2011 Reply  

    I'm so happy I found this site! I'm always looking for some new recipes to share with my friends cooking club..I will be sharing your muffins next! Thanks again!

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