20 May 2005

The Foodie Manifesto

What is this thing that drives us to savor the cooking or baking practices? Is it cultural traditions - handed down through the ages, surpassing technological advances - famine, war, natural disaster?

OR does our soul manifest it's self into the gentle rhythms; The pungent aromas; The melding of hands into ingredients, that in turn evolved from soil & wildness?

Do we as a race feel a longing , not shaped, but materialized into our relationship with the products we make, which will not be satisfied until we can impart the very essence of emotions into our cooking or baking?

Are we lost - our connections to each other vast and fettered across shallow electronic landscape, lacking personable warmth, which has us chasing a kindred dreamscape of tended dishes & ovens?

It is not an uncomplicated mess, this revelry we weave. Our hearts , minds and bodies, echo the sentiments we have unearthed in our kitchens; our bakeries; our restaurants.

We are not fashionable - with our apron strings and bleached towels. Nor are we trendy wearing our food stained hearts on our sleeves. But the tasting --- that is where the poetry awakens.

--- By Amber © March 06,2005 .All Rights Reserved


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