04 May 2005

Photography : Bread dough is patted down to ready for scaling.

Bread dough is patted down to ready for scaling.
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IF you aren't careful, the dough will hurl it's self off of the work table [bench] so don't position it near the edge! Once you scrape it out of the mixing bowl, you need to gently pat it (bottem edges to top) & into a uniform blob, to then cut it with a bench scraper using a "hot dog cut" [left to right]. A hamburger cut is [up then down].

If you are scaling large batches it is much easier to divide the dough into halves or thirds, then cut the amount needed for scaling from the smaller portion.

Plus you aren't spending ineffecient time fumbling with unruly dough. (speed is always a plus when working with anything dough containing yeast - it will proof (rise) prematurely & you cannot fix that. It will ruin your bread or pastry quality.)


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