17 May 2005

I am a frikin baking zombie!

Thursday was a great day. Not only was there harmony in the bakery but there was an overall anticipation.

Wed. was test day, much earlier than other stations. But I was at ease,
for the most part - I did get a little careless on my center cuts, but for the
most part the end product was good.
As the day progressed, I scaled liquids for the days formulas, started mixing my first formula, (a coffee cake)that would make (14) 9" pans. I was happy to grab the mixer "collar" [used to convert the 60 quart to a 40 quart] that did not dance & girate violently once the bowl was agitated. There were no obnoxious grinding sounds and the soft rythmic echoes of paddle on bowl were almost soothing. I thought about the 4 a.m wakeups, for I was in the early morning station, and how today that would all cease. It was a good feeling. I had been getting 5 hrs of sleep a night, with a lingering cold {3 weeks}, sinus is agitated, my ears are plugged up so communicating is very interesting. All this stress on my body & taking care of the family, was making me turn into some kind of zombie.

When you have a toddler - rarely do they just go to bed when you want them to. My daughter is no exception. So most nights she has trouble sleeping & wants to climb into bed with us. Well she doesn't lay there light a rug, no she thrashes all over the place in her sleep - It is like being in the ring, her eyes shut, somewhere a bell goes off, she starts throwing punches , elbows fly, then in a martial arts fashion - legs & feet make quick jabs, lethal to anyone near enough for the sparring to make contact. And I am usually victim - no part of my body is immune. Needless to say, I wish she would sleep in her bed.


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