30 March 2005

Also Found: "Confidence Game"

It seems to me that particularly in the pastry arts one must have
confidence in one's abilities. Not to malign the grill or saute stations, but in
pastry and plating so much appeals to the eye over the taste.

It also
seems that on the culinary side of things, a type of brashness (ala Bourdain's
Kitchen Confidential- no pun intended) exists. I suppose this comes from the
confidence of working with flame, and raw meat, and the ideal to do it faster
and better than anyone else. I know from my general education classes the
culinary students seem to be in a perpetual state of frenzy.

But in
pastry it is the detail, the exquisite and painful attention to detail that
takes a plating from just homemade to four star. I like detail. In fact in my
previous career incarnations as an accountant that was what I was known for. God
(and the devil for those of you who believe in such things) is indeed in the

Blogged By JessamynB of: My Best Friend is My Pastry Scraper

I came upon this blog , the commentary on the intricacies of the kitchen captured here , are well written. All from the view of a 40 yr old former accountant turned Pastry student.


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