04 March 2005

I have been Flickr Blogged, YO!

Very cooly I checked my Technorati watchlist , for my Flickr Photo Stream and low and behold there were new links. It seems that Jan is a blogger from Hong Kong , who searches flicker for interesting photos which would be perfect for desktop wall paper, then posts them. Here is the Flickr Wallpaper home page. You can find my danish pastry photo here.

Other Blogs which have featured my photos include:

Joaobambu's Weblogic - a 24 yr old living in Decantor, Gorgia . He has many stories to tell & a head full of photographs which seem to materialize from some ethereal existance. .

A Family Of Breath - A blog by russel Higgs - From the U.K , Philosophy isn't dead nor are the inner workings of man . Browse through commentaries from every subject imagionable.

Pastry Life - J.T bloggs his exsperiences & mouth watering photos from The French Pastry School in Chicago. Is it just pastry for him? Find out what makes him tick.


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