15 March 2005

Culinary survivalists, money means big business...

Hard times. Industries are suffering - layoffs are abounding. Poverty is increasing, people are losing the comfortable lives they so took for granted. But not everyone is feeling the strain.

Like everything else there is a facet to this story that stays constant. Big business, and the women & men who parade these lucrative waters. The sharks are mere transactions, and the billions or trillions of dollars traded and cycled through hands & bank rolls remains in abundance.

For the industries which feed on these illusive corporations & individuals - Hospitality in the forms of 5 star hotels ; Private resorts & spas; Seams to be thriving. Hotels are springing up so rapidly that the urban sprawl is no longer, it is a wide expanse. But where would these meccas of amenities be with out wineries, caviar suppliers, & personal chefs etc - These industries seem to be tailing a never ending cash bonanza. A feeding frenzy - we are all apart of the existential monetary food chain. From the doorman to the Head chef or the organic produce peddler. There is no end to the cycle. Or is there?

Along with the able bodied men and women, comes advances in technology. If technology advances, will the links in this chain diminish? Many of the most luxurious and modern hotels are already turning to computer automated systems. Although technology in the past has proved to be costly & with it's bugs and failures - the switch from man power to machine seems almost natural. Why stick to old methods? When computer capabilities far more exemplify the image of the future.

Where does the human element fit in ? We as a society sift through the pieces of news, radio, magazines - in search of an element, which seems all too lacking. Filling the void has become a dangerous pursuit. We hide in our work, in our vices - connections are skewed. The promise of an honest human effort only appear when the sky is falling or some kind of peril is in our lives. We look to strangers for minute glimpses - of pain, of joy. Hoping to relate or feel a connection.

Maybe that is why people are the driving force in The Culinary & Hospitality industries. The most successful establishments are built on solid business knowledge, granted, but didn't these places start as an idea - a fantasy, built up in the minds or hearts of their owners and patrons? Did their sweat and toil burn off, a vain attempt at greatness? No. Because of individuals who savored foods; the sounds, sights of the kitchen; The anticipation of pleasing a crowd.

Yes, the crowd. People from all walks of life; cultures. Each searching for the perfect atmosphere, palate, and service. What do you expect from an establishment? It varies. There are many levels - fast food to gourmet. But the underlying , main expectation is service. How the customer is treated is of utmost concern.

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