02 March 2005

Better days ... lauphter in the bakery.

Well in my  previous post about lines being drawn, I was quite agitated. These lines between the culinary students and pastry students is quite real. Though ridiculous, I wanted to set light on this.

Day 10 - Continental Divide by Eelke de Blouw

On Thursday I decided to sit at a table in the cafe - I was 1 hour early.

I was drinking my Carmel Frappuccino. Looking at my notes because mid- terms are coming up. Dale comes over and starts talking to me, then sooner or later others come too.

It was kind of weird, because here we are all talking - away from the "table" and the others who didn't come over - they were sitting there, would walk by and not say a word. And Dale would make comments about him or her "hating" him for coming over to my table.

Well as the day progressed the last day of breads, we were tested individually on : formulations, mixing, forming and end products. I made Multi Grain Bread. A half formula of Foccachia.

I am new , But I am becoming more comfortable. I am growing accustomed to the inner workings of the bakery. The production setting is no longer a mystery to me. And I have found myself absorbing everything - just like a sponge.

 I realize this is, indeed, a real passion!


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