28 February 2005

Baking theory : Dairy products used in Baking

Functions Of Milk:

+ Color

  1. Due to sugar content (lactose = milk sugar)
  2. Yeast has no enzymes to metabolize Lactose

+ Absorption

+ Tenderizer

+ Nutrition

  1. {the perfect protein combo = milk + wheat}
  2. contributes to the overall nutritional value of bakery foods.

+ Casein

  1. {75% of protein contained in Non-fat dry milk}
  2. perfect protein, due to amino acid balance.

+Body & Resilience

Types of Milk Products:

*Non Fat Powdered milk

MCT Dairies - Sweet Cream Whey
Product Description -
A light colored,free-flowing powder resulting from spray drying sweet, fresh cheese whey. For applications where a smooth, creamy texture is desired, Grind A is available. (MCT-MISC-SWTWHEY)

*Sweet dairy Whey
  1. Mostly Lactalbumin
  2. tenderizing agent
  3. causes rapid crust color development

All Dairy blends or cereal based blends {rarely used in bakery}


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