05 February 2005

Baking Theory: Notes on Bread Baking


  1. Oven Spring {created in 5-8 minutes in oven, accelerated fermentation process}
- Fermentation process

  1. Once dough reaches 140°F {yeast dies}
  2. Once dough reaches 165°F-175°F {gluten coagulates}
  3. Considered Par-baked --> ["brown n' serve products"] can be pulled from oven.
  4. Because products are Not caramelized--> causes quicker staling.

- Caramelization

  1. Browning
  2. Internal temperature of fully baked bread = 210°F
  3. bread is sterile

Potato Bread shown here is rotated for even browning. Then baked until...

..It has caramelized. Potato Bread ready to cool.

Rule of thumb for Oven temps :
  • LEAN products -
  1. The lower in fat, sugar , eggs {examples are Baguette or Italian Bread};
  2. also if Smaller units

  • RICHER products

  1. The Warmer, hotter oven
  2. The higher in fat, sugar , eggs { i.e Danish or Croissant}
  3. also if larger units
  4. The cooler the oven
- Cooling, Slicing & Packaging

-{Once you have mold in an area - spores will spread. Use vinegar to kill both mold & spores}

DO NOT put in plastic bag & close before product is cool --> Mold will develope!

  1. via Condensation
When to package:
  1. 95°F - 100°F is optimal temp --> {cool}
  2. Use back of hand to test for cool to touch



2:22 PM, November 12, 2008 Reply  

This is one of the best articles about basic bread prep that I have seen. Will you be addressing the issues that surround high altitude baking? I live in Colorado and tried making cinnamon rolls but they didn't rise as much as I thought they would.


8:32 AM, July 31, 2012 Reply  

Thanks for the basic tips. I have been cooking from years but recently started baking. Thanks again for the info.

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