26 February 2005

Do you believe in karma ? Let alone human kindness?

Thursday was a great day in the fact that I had an ad on Craig's List and I was contacted by several people. In my ad I mentioned that I am a student looking for pastry & confectionery tools , and one of the main items was a KitchenAid stand mixer. I received an email, from a guy stating he had one & would sale it to me for $50! So I was hesitant at first, but I talked to him more. He had a kitchen establishment & they had just bought a Hobart so the mixer was sitting in the warehouse. Well I went to pick it up, turns out it was a kitchenAid K5SSWH. And white to boot. The kitchenAid K5SSWH is a stationary stand mixer, there is no swivel head. But it came with a large bowl & attatchments. I read Reviews about this mixer. Over all the owners of this mixer seemed pleased.

This be it , it has 325 watts & a 5 quart bowl. To think I almost bought a [ Wolf Gang Puck Mixer shown here at a much better price] off of eBay at a 60 dollar markup from the retail price. It was a very weak moment, I had gotten my tax refund, I had wanted a mixer so bad, & that one is 700 watt & comes with 2 bowls, a pour sheild, a glass blender attachment plus the dough hook & beater, paddle. KitchenAid mixers tend to suffer motor burnouts, but I figure for $50 dollars - if this one goes I will buy the Wolfgang puck, when I get some money.

Also someone who has a catering business offered me : 20 fluted tart pans (3" and 4"),4 heart shaped 4" pans, 2 fluted boat pans , 60 tarlet pans, 10- 4 inch cake molds, a large marble rolling pin, 2 thermometers, a spring form pan, a angel food pan, a lemon zester, a melon baller, 2 metal cake spatulas(a 10" & 13") , a ring mold , plastic scraper, a mandolin, large pastry tips, various chocolate molds , cake pedestal etc. All for only $25

It was a great day to be a pastry student. I am so thankful. I believe it may be karma, but who knows. Never under estimate human kindness.


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